Friday, April 30, 2010


first time, i found chemistry lesson is fun  =D  because, mr tham brought us for a TOUR tdy...we went to our school new block, which is our science block, coz that block is all science classes and labs...form 4 & 5, A to D classes there...and every floor got toilets tham said we will going to use the new block in the end of May! so new chemi, bio and also physic lab...and the most important is, free from mosquitoes! form 5 classes are on the highest floor...can't wait to study in the brand new classroom!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

owh well

just got back home...stayed back for chinese tired tuition later...gosh! the same routine again :(  piles of homework waiting for me...history & bio notes, all sorts of presentations, prs thingy...sigh...

lucky, the thing postpone ehhhh  =D

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


weather so hotT today...was walking back home, as usual, sweating like mad...hmm, seems like everyone is not in mood huh?sighh...

well, have my lisan thingy today...this time was in, lyn and siang rui in a group, bentang watak & perwatakan in Konserto Terakhir...was late to class at first, cause busy with prs thingy in ubk...then went back to class, straight away is my turn to lisan...honestly, i prepared ntg  xP  everyone was just looking at the paper and read only, so I did the same way...then suddenly suleha, my bm teacher asked me not to read from the paper...and i was like *blank*  and i get a bit nervous, as usual...and my hand was 'swinging' here and there, thinking what to tell the students...i think everyone was laughing at me that time...

well, guess what? i finally, found out my 'quote'  xP
" then...then....then???  "  non-stop saying 'then' during my lisan thingy...bahasa rojak, with english add on...
 sigh, gonna be very very busy next week  :(

u're way too much girl! stop being selfish k?! shut up and do ur own stuff!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


i feel terrible right now...dun ask me why...

i hate being this...why?no one understand me huh?i'm the only one right?living on my him, no friends, no one else...

owh yea i got...i got walls and a spongebob...

what the hell! I'm not ur robot! I'M NOT !!!!!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

i watched this with him!

i hate valentine's day!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

the day

got tuition at 10 in the tired, eyes can't open...hmm, my day was, as usual...hmm, lingsze is at my house now...we were doing moral presentation just now...for 2 hours +  hmm, found a lot of pics! nice nice pics to put in the powerpoint  =D

duhh, missing him, so much...can't really text with him tdy...he went to malacca, and i gt to do my hw...still got one essay to go  :(

doo doo doo! 7 months alrdy...

well, some pics here...

min hua, lyn & me

min hua & me   love this!!!

lyn, car, lingsze, chung & me  =D

pity shan hoe  xP

7 months!

25 / 4 / 2010

Happy 7th Anniversary !!!  I love YOU !!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

5 A outing

lyn lyn drinking her juice...

Lk and me

My BFF <3

another 2 'flowers'  :)  car & lingsze

my outfit tdy!

crazy saturday!

hmm, had so called gotong royong tdy...cleaned the class btw...and thx suren, for wiping all the three fans! was hyperactive in school this morning, especially after recess time...all of us dun wanna go physic lab, and we stayed in class for almost 20 minutes and we actually sang nursery rhyme =D  one little two little three little indians...we sang that too  xP  then was just playing in class, taking photos everywhere...some retarded videos uploaded too  :(

went to the curve, Italiannese for lunch...almost all 5A's going  =D  carmen and i ordered some kind of pizza, and parmesean crusted fish, if i'm nt mistaken? i ordered some cold flings too...dun care la  xP  will upload photos soon...went for a movie after that..we were actually splitted to four groups, one watching kiss ass, one watching ice kacang puppy love, one watching toy story 1 & 2  3D  and also i hate valentine's day...eelyn, whan, me and tim watched i hate valentine's day! lol...anyway, movie was okay, although i didn't really watch it...but still. its a comedy...went for walk after that...reached home at about 9? kinda tired  :(

btw, got number 18 this time! improved a lot  =D  i'll keep it up! dun give up!!!  =DD
tmr, its 7 months  :)  can't wait!  xP  he went malacca tmr  :(  sad...

Friday, April 23, 2010

follow ur heart

tmr school again  =.=  lyn not coming, yew joe too...btw, class trip tmr  :)  in italiannese..going for a movie after that...

i dunno what to do...
right now, i just follow my heart...

smile !


Thursday, April 22, 2010


finally, got back all my results...hmm, overall most of the subjects improved, but some are not...chemistry is the worse...hmm, get 7A's and other 3B's are moral, chemistry and biology...have to work more on it...

duhh, leg pain, coz of the injured part...haiz...had a long chat with papa yesterday...he makes me feel a lot better  :)  thx papa!

hmm, dress?or just casual?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


my day was, bad, actually? leg was scratched, bleeding  :(  coz of mosquitoes...pain...haizz...results, BAD BAD BAD! especially my chemistry...and everything, just like turn out badly tdy...was very tired tdy...came back after tuition, thought wanna have a short nap...but my mama wanted me to help her with her script...i have to help her...i sat in front of the computer , for 3 hours eyes was superb tired...i really wanna have a short rest after that...and i realised that i haven't finished my hw...have to rush to finish up my hw again...and now, i'm online-ing, to express out my feelings, since i've nobody to talk to...i really cannot cope with it anymore...i really dunno what to do...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Love YOU!

I'll finish YOUR vitamins!
even its very big big tablets
but since YOU bought it
i'll finished it


Monday, April 19, 2010

changed !

5A class trip had changed to italiannese! hehe...coz the hotel's food not nice, somemore bad first was planning to go Marche, and some said italiannese, and almost everyone prefer its the plan, ITALIANNESE ! =DD

my dear lyn lyn, plsssss come to me  =D

Sunday, April 18, 2010


hmm, kinda tired now  :(  just finished ms tang's essay, now doing sivik project, and maybe later going lingsze house to finish up the project...need to hand in on tuesday...

urgh urgh! RETYPE!!! *sigh*

Saturday, April 17, 2010


went petaling street just now, right after ms lee tuition...went there with lyn and met my brother there...we go jalan jalan and bought quite some stuffs there...i saw a lot of spongebob's brothers and sisters, and perhaps one baby? =D so cute...had lunch in a pub? 1st time went to a pub actually...had english style fish and chips there :)  lyn ordered lady dianna...mushroom soup was superb nice...hehe..bro belanja makan  =DD

well, their cocktails name, eeemmm, very 'weird'...u will know why  xP

thank you

hmm, rach's party was fun, although i left earlier to meet him instead...ate quite a lot of cakes & tarts also *yummy*  =DD

my outfit :)

u brightens up my day!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


hmm, not really getting back my results actually...almost every teachers are giving out the paper next week...a lil nervous...scared my results drop  :(

btw, 5A class trip confirmed! Hi-Tea in Royale Bintang Hotel next saturday, should be going there after school first thinking of going to One World Hotel for Hi-Tea, but its too expensive...anyway, looking forward to it  :)

Nina Nina

muahaha! found out my loveee song alrdy! just found out when u listened to hitz fm again...thx to DJ   =D well, actually its a malaysian female singer singing the song...superb niceee...i love it so much...

finally finished up my 108 times of hand so tired now...i guess tmr will get back sej huh? haiz...pray hard...

half way...

until 18 only  :(

one page full of wordssss ...

finally, finished  * 3 pages *

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

my fault?

u're so fierce to me...i was a lil shocked, actually...

am i the one to blamed?

nah nah nah nah nah !


Monday, April 12, 2010


had pameran kerjaya tdy...whole day staying in hall, helping those college ppl...hmm, kinda busy the whole day...was walking around, carrying stuffs...leg, hand, body pain  :(  need massage!!!

got some brochure from those colleges, utar, tarc, sunway, iatc and lots more...hmm, kinda interesting in mass communication actually...well, my parents want me to take doctor?!!!  lol...

Sunday, April 11, 2010


crap!  i do miss you right now...

forgive & forget

got tuition at 11 till 2 pm...extra classes...

P.S  its impossible to ignore you ! love you...

its true...

took this from tumblr...
loveee this quote...
its, for me & him...

Saturday, April 10, 2010


woke up quite early this morning coz gt badminton thingy with the girls + weihan...reached lingsze hse at bout 8 something and waited for emily to fetch us there...mana tahu emily overslept...carmen was waiting there alone *face blackish* when we first saw her sitting there playing with her handphone...but then after a while okayy alrdy :) then we started playing while waiting for lyn & wei han...anyway, wei han's badminton skills wasn't that bad...

went lunch at kok hing after badminton...joel, teik man, joon kiat, song yuan joined us for lunch too...HE came too  =D  glad that he u...

kinda tired now...*yawns*

Friday, April 9, 2010

i dunno what to do...

lewat to school tdy...went to dentist this tooth, very very very pain...just because of the dong dong wisdom tooth! now have to eat medicine everyday to stop the pain temporarily...might need surgery if still very pain...from now onwards, porridge only  :(

btw, pameran kerjaya on monday, about kemahiran one...i'm on duty with emily...
form 5 students are all involved and some of the form four back classes too...

badminton with the girls tmr...

will u be here when i wake up tmr?


its OVER finally! no need to stay up late every night anymore...but only, just for 3 weeks  =.=   so sad...what izzit about form 5 life huh? study, exam, study,

had tuition just now...on the way back home with ling sze, accident happened...scared me...suddenly banged the car...and my head kena banged also  :(  first time kena banged somemore...really superb duper scary!

won't, won't, won't LEAVE YOU !

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

freedom soon

moral tmr...finally, its the last paper alrdy...feel relieved, but at the same time i scared to know my results...just got back a few results tdy...hmm, was a lil bit dissapointed with my marks, especially math...i made quite some careless mistakes...and pn tenh kinda 'lectured' me for my 'bad' results although i still get an A this time...she wants me to get higher i promised her, i'll improved next time  =D  got back my english english improved a lot, especially my essay part...its a strong A for english this time...

can't wait for tomorrow...and yet, another exam in three weeks time...its full paper again!  :(

feeling better now...and i feel hungry actually...Mcd pls? xP
iissshh! my hp pouch cacat sad  :(


i feel sad...u know why...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

going to...

well, had physic paper 1 & 2 again...paper was quite tough, but still managed to finish it on time...feel, really really sleepy right had been two days, i slept at 2 in the morning without taking any nap in the panda eyes was superb big  =.=

where are u?

Monday, April 5, 2010


haih, physics again...dun really und the light and lens part actually...the drawing part is killing me  :( 

i need you...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

chemistry !

crap! haven't finished revising chemistry yet...haiz...was not feeling well just now...vomited again...i wondered why...

in hope...

bye bye fever!

yea! no more need to eat one medicine....left four more  :)  :(  tdy was really very tired...i dunno why...i slept too much...i woke up at 10 something, still, i feel sleepy...weird huh? then i take a nap in the afternoon, and still, i feel sleepy again  =.=  went popular to buy reference book...bought success chemistry there...then went gemilang and bought success physic there...popular no

created tumblr accout  :)  hope it'll be better than blogger =D

Friday, April 2, 2010


went to doctor just now...tummy nt well since yesterday, and i wanna *throw out* doctor said its some kind of virus infection and slightly fever...gosh! 5 packs of medicine!!! hate it!!!

might switching blogger account to tumblr...kinda bored with blogger now...and privacy problem...

what i do when i'm bored

its me  =D
found it in my drawer...


 sepia =D

my sis & me

 my fb profile pic

a pass?

sej tdy...hmm, paper 2 was tough, can't really do the structure question...essay was okay, as long as i didn't memorize the wrong thing  :)  paper 1 was, hmm, i tembak everything la...i didn't study for form 5 so this time i think will have a pass for my history paper but won't failed i think...

tummy still nt very well now  :(   i wondered why?

gonna find u out !

Thursday, April 1, 2010

feeling sick

had 3 papers tdy...first, sivik...then bio and chemi paper 3...exam wasn't that difficult actually...instead, sivik was hard...2days ago, my finger bleeding. yesterday baged my head, and tdy sick  :(  seriously, wanna throw out right now...sej paper tmr...haiz...haven't touch anything yet...somemore gt tuition later...

heard something from emily just now...
that stupid fella ! SHUT UP !!!