Sunday, April 25, 2010

the day

got tuition at 10 in the tired, eyes can't open...hmm, my day was, as usual...hmm, lingsze is at my house now...we were doing moral presentation just now...for 2 hours +  hmm, found a lot of pics! nice nice pics to put in the powerpoint  =D

duhh, missing him, so much...can't really text with him tdy...he went to malacca, and i gt to do my hw...still got one essay to go  :(

doo doo doo! 7 months alrdy...

well, some pics here...

min hua, lyn & me

min hua & me   love this!!!

lyn, car, lingsze, chung & me  =D

pity shan hoe  xP

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