Wednesday, April 7, 2010

freedom soon

moral tmr...finally, its the last paper alrdy...feel relieved, but at the same time i scared to know my results...just got back a few results tdy...hmm, was a lil bit dissapointed with my marks, especially math...i made quite some careless mistakes...and pn tenh kinda 'lectured' me for my 'bad' results although i still get an A this time...she wants me to get higher i promised her, i'll improved next time  =D  got back my english english improved a lot, especially my essay part...its a strong A for english this time...

can't wait for tomorrow...and yet, another exam in three weeks time...its full paper again!  :(

feeling better now...and i feel hungry actually...Mcd pls? xP
iissshh! my hp pouch cacat sad  :(

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