Wednesday, April 28, 2010


weather so hotT today...was walking back home, as usual, sweating like mad...hmm, seems like everyone is not in mood huh?sighh...

well, have my lisan thingy today...this time was in, lyn and siang rui in a group, bentang watak & perwatakan in Konserto Terakhir...was late to class at first, cause busy with prs thingy in ubk...then went back to class, straight away is my turn to lisan...honestly, i prepared ntg  xP  everyone was just looking at the paper and read only, so I did the same way...then suddenly suleha, my bm teacher asked me not to read from the paper...and i was like *blank*  and i get a bit nervous, as usual...and my hand was 'swinging' here and there, thinking what to tell the students...i think everyone was laughing at me that time...

well, guess what? i finally, found out my 'quote'  xP
" then...then....then???  "  non-stop saying 'then' during my lisan thingy...bahasa rojak, with english add on...
 sigh, gonna be very very busy next week  :(

u're way too much girl! stop being selfish k?! shut up and do ur own stuff!

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