Friday, March 30, 2012

Degree life #1

Hello! Finally I started my degree life for a week! *no more staying at home doing nothing* The feeling of BACK TO SCHOOL is effing awesome! =]

Well, talking about my first week of uni life. To be honest, it was bored. NO LIKE ORIENTATION DAY! But I really love the campus, very much. It has everything that I need. Nice & clean environment for study, huge classrooms and lecture theatres, clean toilets, 20 computer labs with some Mac labs too, 4-storey library with lifts provided, book shop, gym, swimming pool, variety of food and Chatime!! =P  Its like, a university + shopping mall! Really enjoyed being a Taylorian there. The only thing is, the 'living cost' there is quite high. Fees especially, charged DOUBLE compared to other universities. Food are kinda costly too. Really have to spend wisely there. Don't wanna spend too much of my parents' money. All I want to do is study hard and make them proud. =)

Owh yeah, I got my time-table! Will be having only lectures for next week, while tutorials will start after the lectures week. Lectures will be a big class, with more than 150 students in it while tutorials classes will be in small groups. Different groups will have different time table. LOL! Confusing! =(

I might be switching my single major to double major. I've been thinking a lot these days, and after a talk with my programme director, Mr Winston, I guess I know what to do, which major I should go for. So, hopefully I make a right decision. Pretty please?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Running Man

Woots! My uni life officially started on Monday! Finally no more staying at home, doing nothing but just online, blogging, watching tv, eat and sleep. LOL! =P  So far, I enjoyed it pretty much. Huge campus with modern facilities, lots of restaurant, cafe, bookshops can be found there, and even a gym is there too! Might sign up as a member in the gym since the fees is quite cheap compared to Celebrity Fitness. Nothing much to do this week as it is orientation week. Time-table will be out tomorrow, after Jack Neo session. *Not to forget, the famous director from Singapore, Jack Neo, is coming to Taylor's Lakeside Campus tomorrow!* The freshies and newbies are required to attend the Jack Neo session. So, I'm kinda looking forward to see him! =]

Alright, skip all the crapping and back to the topic - Running Man! Have you guys heard about it? Running Man is a top South Korean variety show, where the emcees and the invited guests are required to complete all the missions in a landmark to win the race. This variety show has a lot of episodes where those famous, well known artistes are invited to join the show in different episodes. Guess who are the well known artistes that had been invited to the race before eh? They were Big Bang, Girls Generation (SNSD), Super Junior, T-ara, Shinee and some of the famous actors and actresses too.

The logo of Running Man.

This is one of the episode where SNSD took part in the race with the emcees.

And this is one of the episode where the emcees were given super powers in order to win the race.

Well, I'm gonna said that this is the best variety shown that I ever seen so far. Its really different than other variety show shown in Malaysia, HongKong or other Europe countries. I watched one episode, and immediately, I'm addicted to it. It was really funny that I can laugh from the beginning of the episode to the end of it. Amaze-zing, isn't it? Although I don't understand Korean language, but there are subtitles provided in every episodes.

There are rumors saying that Running Man will come to Malaysia for the race, but its just rumors. I was really happy when I thought they will come to Malaysia. LOL! Make me happy for fun saja. Eeek! =P

Monday, March 26, 2012

Real quick update!

Had my first Orientation Day today, and its boring, like really boring! Only the Campus Hunt activity was fun. We were divided into groups and joined something like The Amazing Race. Move from one place to another place by solving clues given by Orientation Leaders. The campus is real huge, so I had a hard time to suit myself there. Not familiar with the campus at all. Hopefully I'll get to know the campus well in this two weeks time.

I'll get my timetable tomorrow, and hopefully my student ID as well. Looking forward for tomorrow! Ciaoz peepo! =]

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Its DEGREE life!

I'll be starting my degree life at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus tomorrow! Friggin' excited, like really! I have no friends same course with me, and that actually makes me nervous. Wish me luck please? =]

No classes tomorrow, I supposed. Its Orientation Day. So I shall be getting my academic calendar and time table tomorrow. Fingers-crossed! :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012



Going for Ching Ming at Nilai Memorial Park tomorrow. Gonna pray my granny and my uncle there. Missing them right now, and I'll always be. I promise.

Owh yeah, my degree life starting soon! In two days time? Kinda excited and looking forward for my degree life at Taylor's. All at a sudden, I feel like I'm a grown up person now. Degree?! No more foundation or diploma. And I'm going to join CLUB 20 next year! LOL! Getting OLDER soon! *like owh nooooo!*  xD

Mummy asked me to get a good boyfriend if there's a nice boy 'appears' in my life. Be friends first, and get into relationships if there is a chance. We always have this type of 'boyfriend' conversation nowadays. LOL! Mummy said, don't have to get a rich, good looking boyfriend. If he treats me nicely with respect, then just go on with it. But with one condition, don't ever affect my studies! I'm glad that my mum does not stopped me from getting into a relationship. I promised her, if I have a boyfriend in future, I'll manage my time wisely. NO EFFECT on my studies.  =]

Friday, March 23, 2012

BALI Escapade (III)

After the volcano trip, we had an opportunity to visit Tirta Empul Temple. Too bad my camera was out of battery that day. *MAX SAD!* But nevermind, the temple is really really beautiful, with lots of statues, monuments and cravings too. We had to wear 'sarongs' before we entered the temple. It's a form of respect to the temple. After the temple visit, Encik Made brought us to Jimbaran Bay for dinner. I was really amazed when I knew that we were actually going to have dinner by seaside! It was my first time to have dinner by the seaside. My first feeling : ROMANTIC! LOL! =P  It was like a candle-lit dinner, where we had a chance to taste all the yummy seafood and not to forget, to drink their famous coconut drink! Superb huge coconut they have in Bali. It feels really good, when we had our legs 'immersed' under the soft sand, listening to strong waves, looking for stars upon the dark sky and had yummy dinner at the same time! WOULD DEFINITELY VISIT JIMBARAN BAY AGAIN! =]

The next day, we went to another famous temple called Tanah Lot Temple where the temple is located in the sea area. 
At the entrance of Tanah Lot Temple.

The cravings are amaze-zing! :)

2 crazy sisters walking along the street to the temple.

Starbucks Coffee become Streetbuck Coffe! LOL!

One step closer to the temple :)

It was high tide that time, that's why we can't walk across the sea to reach the main temple. =[

Parts of temple.

Were quite scared that the wave will hit us down! 

This is the temple that we couldn't reach due to high tide :(

Love this shot! :)

The wave was really strong that day.

An accident was happened that day itself too. And it frightened all of us, almost ruined our mood that day. A pretty young girl was hit by the strong wave while she was taking photo near the cliff. After she was hit by the strong wave, she tried to swim back to the shore, but the wave was too strong to resist. She was all bloody when she was rescued by other workers there. We saw her flesh and bone! Ewww! Luckily she is a good swimmer, if not she would be dead by now. 

After all of these, we had our shopping spree there! :) It was a shopping paradise at Tanah Lot! Everything is so cheap, and can be bargained too. Mummy spent a lot on batik, while my sister and I spent a lot on dresses, food, souvenirs.

Had Coconut drink to refresh ourselves after a long day!

Had their jagung bakar too!

After that, we had a good time trying out the water activities at Nusa Dua Beach. At first my sister and I planned to try out the parachute ones, but the wind was not good enough to fly high above the sky. So we tried out the FLYING FISH and also the CONELLI.

Nusa Dua Beach.

We were flying with that 'rocket'! But not high enough compared to Parachute.


Prepared to goooo! :)

Half-dead after we came back. LOL!

It was definitely an awesome trip to Bali, Indonesia.
Would definitely travel again in future! Another shopping paradise! Woots! =D

Thursday, March 22, 2012



BALI Escapade (II)

The next morning, Encik Made picked us up from the hotel after we had our breakfast in the hotel. He brought us to some place which I don't know where, to watch Balinese dance a.k.a Barong dance. Entrance fee is about 28k rupiah per person.

Balinese car plate.

Suzuki Kijang.

Took a photo with the Balinese dancer. 
Every lady is given a yellow flower before we enter the stage.

My family and aunt :)

Yellow flower! Smells really good :)

A group of people playing musical instruments *some are really really old, and some are really really young* LOL!

The huge 'lion'. 

Took a photo with an actor who acts as a monkey.
*note my big smile? its because this actor ran down from the stage all at a sudden and asked me to take a photo with him. I was so shocked to control my big smile on my face. LOL!*  =P

Managed to take a group photo with the 'lion'.

The Balinese dance was pretty good, although we don't understand what are they trying to tell us throughout the whole drama. And one thing to praise about this is, they do not use mic at all. But their voice are still so loud and clear.

After the drama, we went to Tegalalang Rice Terrace which is located really really far from Kuta Beach. The journey took around 2 hours because its located around the hill. The route up the hill is just like the one we went to Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

Looking funny there? 

The amaze-zing terrace!

After visiting Tegalalang Rice Terrace, we continued our journey to the VOLCANO! =D  The volcano area, which is known as Mount Batur, is one of the famous hot spot in Bali. It was very cooling during the journey up to the volcano area. I thought it would be very hot because of the VOLCANO, but i didn't expected that COLD when we reached there. My whole body was trembling. Its even colder than the weather in Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands.

Nice scenery right?

This is it, the volcano! :)

The sisters! 

The wind is so strong, until my aunt couldn't open her eyes. LOL!

We had buffet lunch at an outdoor restaurant, where we can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the volcano area.

The long long row of food. Stir-frying dishes were awesome! :)

Nom nom nom! 

Stay tuned for more!  =]