Saturday, March 24, 2012



Going for Ching Ming at Nilai Memorial Park tomorrow. Gonna pray my granny and my uncle there. Missing them right now, and I'll always be. I promise.

Owh yeah, my degree life starting soon! In two days time? Kinda excited and looking forward for my degree life at Taylor's. All at a sudden, I feel like I'm a grown up person now. Degree?! No more foundation or diploma. And I'm going to join CLUB 20 next year! LOL! Getting OLDER soon! *like owh nooooo!*  xD

Mummy asked me to get a good boyfriend if there's a nice boy 'appears' in my life. Be friends first, and get into relationships if there is a chance. We always have this type of 'boyfriend' conversation nowadays. LOL! Mummy said, don't have to get a rich, good looking boyfriend. If he treats me nicely with respect, then just go on with it. But with one condition, don't ever affect my studies! I'm glad that my mum does not stopped me from getting into a relationship. I promised her, if I have a boyfriend in future, I'll manage my time wisely. NO EFFECT on my studies.  =]

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