Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Secret Recipe

2 days ago, my high school friends and I went to The Curve for some hang-out session. Of course, the main purpose of it is to celebrate Eelyn's birthday. We had lunch at The Paddington House of Pancakes (PHOP) and the pancakes were fingers licking good! :)  Emily, Shan Hoe, LingSze and Pearly left earlier because they were busy with their work and studies. So the rest of us which consists of me, Carmen, Steph, Eelyn and Whan walked around the mall and finally we decided to EAT again! Trololol! =P

We had desserts at Secret Recipe since they are having promotion of Buy 3 Free 1 now. As usual, I ordered my favourite cheese cake! I tried Durian-Durian for the first time after sooooo long. Was craving to have a sip of it since last year?! And now finally I can taste it! Muahaha! =]

Durian-Durian - a type of cheese cake too.
The taste and smell of durian was so strong that I was able to smell it from a distance. LOL! And a durian lover like me would rate this cake for 4/5! Yummy!! =)

Steph's order : Chocolate Indulgence.
The chocolate is so smooth! The only weakness is the cake is not cold. It feels like, not being refrigerated at all.  =[

Eelyn's and Whan's order : Strawberry Cheese Cake with Marshmallow in it.
Another delicious cake again, but not cold again. T.T

Carmen's order : Oreo Cheese Cake
Very delicious cheesy cake, and it is COLD! *HAPPY HAPPY*  

Owh yeah, before we went home that day, we met some random Starbucks guy who asked us to be his so-called 'models' for his advert/project I think. So funny when he actually asked me, Steph and Carmen to be passers-by where we had to walk to and fro in front of the camera while Eelyn and Whan be the main characters of the whole thingy. 

Preparing to walk. LOL!

Random photo taken by Carmen while they were being 'photoshoot'  =P

The photographer showed us the final product! The effect was nice though.

Had lots of fun that day. And indeed, high school friends are the one that can last forever eh? Glad that we still managed to hang out together although we were busy with our own work/studies. Thank god I have this bunch of awesome lovelies! :)


  1. the oreo cheese cake looks good with such huge chunks of oreo XD yummy

    Latest: Sooo Q!

  2. I've tried the Oreo Cheese Cake before!
    Damn yummy! ^^

  3. buy 3 free 1 is a brilliant idea. can share out with friends. then after eating...walk off the fats by shopping:D

    1. haha! agreed with this plan!! rock the world! =P