Thursday, March 22, 2012

BALI Escapade (II)

The next morning, Encik Made picked us up from the hotel after we had our breakfast in the hotel. He brought us to some place which I don't know where, to watch Balinese dance a.k.a Barong dance. Entrance fee is about 28k rupiah per person.

Balinese car plate.

Suzuki Kijang.

Took a photo with the Balinese dancer. 
Every lady is given a yellow flower before we enter the stage.

My family and aunt :)

Yellow flower! Smells really good :)

A group of people playing musical instruments *some are really really old, and some are really really young* LOL!

The huge 'lion'. 

Took a photo with an actor who acts as a monkey.
*note my big smile? its because this actor ran down from the stage all at a sudden and asked me to take a photo with him. I was so shocked to control my big smile on my face. LOL!*  =P

Managed to take a group photo with the 'lion'.

The Balinese dance was pretty good, although we don't understand what are they trying to tell us throughout the whole drama. And one thing to praise about this is, they do not use mic at all. But their voice are still so loud and clear.

After the drama, we went to Tegalalang Rice Terrace which is located really really far from Kuta Beach. The journey took around 2 hours because its located around the hill. The route up the hill is just like the one we went to Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

Looking funny there? 

The amaze-zing terrace!

After visiting Tegalalang Rice Terrace, we continued our journey to the VOLCANO! =D  The volcano area, which is known as Mount Batur, is one of the famous hot spot in Bali. It was very cooling during the journey up to the volcano area. I thought it would be very hot because of the VOLCANO, but i didn't expected that COLD when we reached there. My whole body was trembling. Its even colder than the weather in Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands.

Nice scenery right?

This is it, the volcano! :)

The sisters! 

The wind is so strong, until my aunt couldn't open her eyes. LOL!

We had buffet lunch at an outdoor restaurant, where we can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the volcano area.

The long long row of food. Stir-frying dishes were awesome! :)

Nom nom nom! 

Stay tuned for more!  =]


  1. the rice terrace are so scenic and beautiful. a very relaxing sight.

  2. lol i really thought u were taking photo with a monkey! lol