Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Running Man

Woots! My uni life officially started on Monday! Finally no more staying at home, doing nothing but just online, blogging, watching tv, eat and sleep. LOL! =P  So far, I enjoyed it pretty much. Huge campus with modern facilities, lots of restaurant, cafe, bookshops can be found there, and even a gym is there too! Might sign up as a member in the gym since the fees is quite cheap compared to Celebrity Fitness. Nothing much to do this week as it is orientation week. Time-table will be out tomorrow, after Jack Neo session. *Not to forget, the famous director from Singapore, Jack Neo, is coming to Taylor's Lakeside Campus tomorrow!* The freshies and newbies are required to attend the Jack Neo session. So, I'm kinda looking forward to see him! =]

Alright, skip all the crapping and back to the topic - Running Man! Have you guys heard about it? Running Man is a top South Korean variety show, where the emcees and the invited guests are required to complete all the missions in a landmark to win the race. This variety show has a lot of episodes where those famous, well known artistes are invited to join the show in different episodes. Guess who are the well known artistes that had been invited to the race before eh? They were Big Bang, Girls Generation (SNSD), Super Junior, T-ara, Shinee and some of the famous actors and actresses too.

The logo of Running Man.

This is one of the episode where SNSD took part in the race with the emcees.

And this is one of the episode where the emcees were given super powers in order to win the race.

Well, I'm gonna said that this is the best variety shown that I ever seen so far. Its really different than other variety show shown in Malaysia, HongKong or other Europe countries. I watched one episode, and immediately, I'm addicted to it. It was really funny that I can laugh from the beginning of the episode to the end of it. Amaze-zing, isn't it? Although I don't understand Korean language, but there are subtitles provided in every episodes.

There are rumors saying that Running Man will come to Malaysia for the race, but its just rumors. I was really happy when I thought they will come to Malaysia. LOL! Make me happy for fun saja. Eeek! =P


  1. Replies
    1. really hope soo! pray hard for that =P

  2. If they really come i happy sei! xD

    1. haha! me too! *jump for happiness* =D

  3. What's Jack Neo doing in a campus? That's must be an interesting session. Lucky u!

    Uni life's gonna be tough. Here's wishing u all the best & have fun!

    I'm a huge fan of K-pop & drama. Gonna search for this variety show that u're talking about. Cheers!

    1. hmm, for some video award presentation + mini talk with his fans. btw, thank you for ur wish lovely! :D

  4. Yea, that's only rumor, haha! I like T-ara. Well, happy coll. Uni start to you :) Enjoy the study life :)

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  5. when i see korean stuffs, i'll go | girls | or |teens|
    you're both so i cant blame you hahah

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  6. Do enjoy your Uni life. The last to enjoy before working life!