Friday, March 30, 2012

Degree life #1

Hello! Finally I started my degree life for a week! *no more staying at home doing nothing* The feeling of BACK TO SCHOOL is effing awesome! =]

Well, talking about my first week of uni life. To be honest, it was bored. NO LIKE ORIENTATION DAY! But I really love the campus, very much. It has everything that I need. Nice & clean environment for study, huge classrooms and lecture theatres, clean toilets, 20 computer labs with some Mac labs too, 4-storey library with lifts provided, book shop, gym, swimming pool, variety of food and Chatime!! =P  Its like, a university + shopping mall! Really enjoyed being a Taylorian there. The only thing is, the 'living cost' there is quite high. Fees especially, charged DOUBLE compared to other universities. Food are kinda costly too. Really have to spend wisely there. Don't wanna spend too much of my parents' money. All I want to do is study hard and make them proud. =)

Owh yeah, I got my time-table! Will be having only lectures for next week, while tutorials will start after the lectures week. Lectures will be a big class, with more than 150 students in it while tutorials classes will be in small groups. Different groups will have different time table. LOL! Confusing! =(

I might be switching my single major to double major. I've been thinking a lot these days, and after a talk with my programme director, Mr Winston, I guess I know what to do, which major I should go for. So, hopefully I make a right decision. Pretty please?


  1. hmmm.. really wish you luck on that!

  2. :) Good to have double major, but, you have to make sure you can tackle both. :)


  3. All the best to your studies, sweetie! Take care & don't forget to eat lots of nutritious food :)

  4. thanks for your wishes! really appreciate these :)