Friday, November 26, 2010

20 Buffered Earnings + Narnia 3 Premiere!

I am having my SPM now!
so i didn't online for quite some time. All I do is just mobile face-booking and mobile tweeting.
So, just now I checked my Nuff Nang account.
And I found out I got 20 Buffered Earnings!!! =D OMG!
When I first saw my account, I was like, SHOCKED! This is extremely crazy! The most I got is like, 5 to 8 buffered earnings. And right now, i am extremely happy! =)

Alright, talking about SPM. My SPM started on Tuesday, which was on 23 November, if i am not mistaken. Every single morning, guess what? I drank one bottle on Brand's Chicken Essence! Smelly! =( But, for my memory to last longer, Chicken Essence is a must! Lol! xD  So the first subject was BM. Paper 1, which was Essay question, i managed to do it. But lack of time. Paper 2 was a lil easy, and i did it in a 'relax mode' =) 

The next day was English. Both papers were okay. Information transfer a lil tricky. But, just pushed my luck la. No choice. And YESTERDAY, was a big BOOM! Its Sejarah paper. And it was a BIG BIG mess! =(  Paper 1 was okay, not that tough. And i did the first question wrong! Paper 2, i am going to say, its a BYE BYE subject, because my structure part was a mess. The first question I was so blurr. I dunno whats the map for. lol. Other than that was okay. Essay questions i did 4, instead of 3. I not sure with my another 3 essays, so i had to do another one. And it ended up lack of time. Last 15 minutes I still left one essay questions blank and some structure questions blank too. Luckily I got draft my answers before i started my essay part. I just tried my very best to finished it. I did all the questions, but I didn't check, because seriously, it is out of time. Anyway, I am glad that I can finished it. At least I give it a try. No regret! =D

Next week, 4 subjects to go. Math on Monday, Moral on Tuesday, Add Math on Wednesday and Physic on Thursday. All quite heavy subjects except Math. So, gonna pray hard for it!

And, I got invitations from Nuff Nang! So happy! =)  Narnia 3 Premiere! So out of expectations! xD  But that day I am still having my SPM, guess that its a NO? sigh. Anyway, I am glad I got the invitations from NN, since it was my first invitations from NN! =) way to go! haha! 

Alright. Shall stop here. Will update when I am free! ciaoz! xD

Monday, November 22, 2010

Finally, SPM!

Its time to say BYE BYE to my bloggie! =(
Will be back anytime, when i am free to update.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

I am meant to be who I am.

It seems like I love blogging these days huh?
I tried to keep myself away from blogging but it seems like, not working eh? 

Feeling better now. Sick getting better.
*No more cough, but flu still the same* 
Sick before SPM huh? Somemore its like, 2 more days to SPM? 
Owh gosh!

Owh yea, my parents went outstation and will be back on this coming Tuesday, i guess.
So, i will be staying at home with my granny and maid.
My 3 meals like, 'incomplete*
Most of the time have to eat maggie. sigh. =(
I prefer MCD instead. xD

Btw, i still in love with my TUMBLR. heee!
Love the photos and quotes there.

 This is one of my favourite. =)

Love! xD

And the other two pictures so cute! =D


Friday, November 19, 2010


SPM is like in 4 DAYS time! Owh gosh!
Had been studying Sejarah, Malay and Chemistry these days.
Its like, i got no time to rest. sigh.
I slept in 2 in the morning, almost everyday, and have to attend tuition and seminars too.
And now, i feel a lil sick. Cough and flu, The usual ones.

Pray hard.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am NOT random!

Hulala! short update! xD
I have been studying these few days.
Really need more time to study Sejarah, Biology, Chemistry and Physic.
These 4 subjects cracks my brain, a lot.

Sometimes, you have to stop thinking about it.
Please, be good. =)

Owh yea, 7 days to SPM!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

You are my one in the million.


10 million of fireflies! =)

Phew! Finally got a little time to blog today. Had been studying for Sejarah for 4, eee, 5 hours? lol. My mind is super packed now! All those creepy names, iish! i can't remember. What Alexander, Plus The Great?! Owh gosh! =(  I love Pluto the most! Pluto is the easiest to remember!

Owh yea, I went to the Curve and Ikano today. P.S  I'm not going for shopping anyway. Don't know why i got no mood to shop these days. I thought all girls love shopping right? They can shop for like, day and night without complaining. But, today i am totally out of mind. I used to love shopping, but now? ANTI-SHOPPING? =(  Maybe i will be back to normal after my SPM.

So Mr or Mrs or Miss SPM, please please please, be good to me yea? xD

Since I am not interested in shopping today, so I went book shopping instead. lol. I bought two reference books from Popular. One Chemistry and one Sejarah. Gotta do more exercises now.

Spot Questions! =)
I don't think i should buy any model test papers to do now. I don't think i can finish it after SPM, then it will be wasting my money. So just Spot Questions will do.

Before heading back home, I had one ice cream and curry puff from Ikea. I love the ice cream and curry puff there. Yum Yum! =)  

Had been working so hard these days. So, I need to online lesser now, and i don't think i will update my blog everyday. Maybe once or twice a week? But for sure, I will be definitely active in my TWITTER! =D  Ciaoz!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Uh-Huh? I Graduated? Owh goshh!

12.11.10, just the day after my sweet 17, and now its my GRADUATION DAY! =D
OMG! I can't believe it! I have been in this school for 5 long yearsss weyy! This is incredibly AWESOME! =)
And somehow, I realised that I really, love this school, love the teachers and not to forget all my chubby sweeties! I will definitely MISS YOU GUYS! =)

Alright, such an emotional opening right? xD  The weather was not really good this morning, was raining. So we have to go to our new hall to have our Graduation Day aka Blessing Ceremony. Everyone of us sit on the floor and listened to some briefings on our discipline, preparations before SPM and our SPBT books. 

all the Form 5's were here.

After that, we had our blessing from our teachers. It was so touching, that we shaked hands with all the teachers that had taught me since form 3. And of course, I get to hug Puan Thilai, Miss Chai, Puan Tenh and Miss Tang. Miss Tang even gave us kit kat bar for our graduate present. So sweet of her. =)  Puan Thilai and Puan Tenh told me to get A+ for Moral and Math. I was like, haaar? Then she kept smilling. Okok, I will try my best, i promised. =D

Next, our photoshooting session! I shall let the pictures do the talking again. =)

Its me! I am graduated! =D

Sisters, including Joel! xD

Eelyn, Best sweetie in my life! love! =)

Carmen, another sweetie, and i will definitely remember her! xD

Stephanie and me! xD

The four flowers! love! =)

haha! look at my retarded expression! and this teacher is my favourite all the time! 

okay, take 2 now. =)

Stephanie, Lyn, Me and Ling Sze. Heart this shot! =D

Look at the sky? 

Okok, its time to have some jumping pose. Ready?

Go! Jump high! =D

Take 2!

Look at her! Classic shot! xD

and the final jump. Emily is trying to punch my face! xD
look at our face expression! 

Spongebob Power! xD

Check this out!
heart this shot! AWESOME! xD

and this two fellas entered the girls toilet.

Trying to figure it out how to use this thingy huh? xP

The gang. =D

After that, we had our another blessing ceremony again. And this time the school invited the monks to do the blessing for us. For other religions like Muslim, Hindu, and Christian, they got their own blessing too. =)  We had the blessing in the hall. I really prayed very hard that I can cope with all my stress and success in my life. And, some students were so rude that, they were not respecting the whole ceremony. They just keep talking and laughing. This is so rude of them. 

And finally, we went back to our class to get our exam slip and other stuffs. 

My exam slip! xD

For my class and half of the 5B class, we are going to have our exams in the hall. So the table are quite big and comfortable, if compared to our tables in our class. And finally i get to sit under the fan. =D  We arranged our tables and chairs, and we sticked our exam slip on the table. Owh well, this is the end of my Graduation Day.

I really, do miss my school, my teachers and all my friends. They brought a big smile on my face! =)  This will definitely be my most memorable high school memories! =D

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Sweet 17!

Yeahhh! Finally I am officially, 17 now! so happy today! =D  

Today was such a surprising, touching, amazing birthday bash for me. Seriously, i didn't thought to have such a BIG birthday surprise for me this year. I don't know how to describe my feelings, and at the same time, i am so touching to have a whole bunch of my sweet hearts, especially Eelyn, Ling Sze, Carmen, Emily, Xin Yan, Cat, Kar Yee, Pearly, Joel and not to forget Timothy Lee. Of course, my sister is the earliest among the all to wish me birthday! xD I would like to express my gratitude to Timothy and Ling Sze especially who planned this birthday surprise for me. I thought it would be just like a normal day for me, but it came out so surprisingly and this will be definitely, be my memorable day! Again, THANK YOU to everyone who wish me happy birthday today, and those who celebrated with me too! =D

So, i shall let the pictures to do the talking. =)

it seems like the cake bigger than me ehh? xD
Its marble cheese cake! Yum Yum!

TXR - my name! xD

Zoom in!

ewww! Emily's ear after suren and eelyn put cheese on her ears! xP

My eyes kena the cheese cream!
konon-nya its a tradition to put cream on birthday girl/boy?

What's inside the Tupperware huh?
its actually Tau Fu Fa! my favourite! =)
But this is crazy! One whole big bucket of it! 
Don't know whether i can finished the whole thing a not. lol.

my birthday card from my sweet heartsss! =)
Thank you guys! love! =D

Alright. Got more pictures, but i lazy to upload it in my blog. Right after school, I was half wet, actually mostly all wet, because my friends splashed water on me! Another tradition huh? xP  Joey, the birthday girl too, was totally all wet! =( 

Anyway, I am very happy today. I really love this surprise guys! Thank you! Owh yea, its my graduation day tomorrow! Thats why i said, Birthday today, Graduation day tomorrow! Time Flies! =(   Definitely will take lotsa pictures tomorrow! Memories peeps! xD

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One more day to my sweet 17th!

Its 10.11.10 today! Means its actually one more day to MY BIRTHDAY! Thats why i always love 1111. 11 November is love! =D  But when it comes to celebration, i don't think i have the mood to celebrate also. No one seems like can have fun at this particular time. sigh. all in study mood! and its SPM soon! Whenever SPM comes to my mind, its just like disturbed my mind. Suddenly i can become emo type, or i will just stressed up. Its just, out of my control. =(  I want need something to de-stress myself. Seriously. Maybe some food? I really LOVE food! xD

See, I skipped my school again. Lol. Lazy me. So again, need to study. Fed up of keep mentioning the word study study and study! iiish! =(  I don't think i can celebrate my birthday tmr. Got to go school tomorrow to attend Chinese class, the last chinese class for us alrdy. No more. Hmm. Then night time got tuition. So, i guess, its a NO celebration this year! =(

ALERT!! 13 days to SPM!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Me! =)

Hello! One quick update today! Surprisingly, I went to school today. I don't know why i decided to go to school today. Thought of staying at home to sleep. But anyway, I WENT TO SCHOOL TODAY! =)  Big Big Achievement! xD

Wore PJK attire to school today. Lazy to wear school uniform. Troublesome xD  So, the first person who screwed my mood is my discipline teacher, Puan Salmini.

(S is Puan Salmini)
"Girl, why u are not wearing your school uniform?" S asked.  
"Owh, I don't have my uniform." I told her.  
"Why don't have? Where is your uniform?" S asked again.  
"At home." I told her again.  
"I don't care. You must wear school uniform tomorrow." S told me.  
"I not coming to school tomorrow anyway." I told her and she was speechless.
Lol. All my friends burst into laughters when they heard what i told S. Lol. Why should i tell her that I'm not going to school tomorrow huh?

Studied in class. Actually quite nice to study in school today. Only 10 students come to school. And the 10 of us all sat together and studied together. =)  Whan came to school during recess time. Now he become a great chef  xD  He prepared "breakfast" for Eelyn, and kononnya part of it is for my birthday present. xP  His fried crocket very delicious. =)

Went home after school. Tired. Wanted to sleep a while but Sejarah is my mind. So i studied a lil. And most of the time I watched tv. Lol. Might be going out tomorrow. =D

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Only You.

Hey all! Back to blogging again! Was too into Tumblr this few days, so now i shall back to Blogger =)  So about my day. Hmm, I had tuition this morning, then I had lunch with my buddies in Old Town! This shall be our LAST friends outing before SPM! Sigh! SPM screw our mood! =(  We did enjoyed ourselves very much, talking with my buddies. =) Went back home after lunch, and its study time, again.

What about yesterday? Yesterday was a very nice outing! Mom went Genting with her sisters, so my dad decided to bring me to visit my relatives in Klang! My brother and my sister went there together too! =)  It was a long journey there. Reached there during lunch time. Had lunch with relatives. The steamed fish in curry was really nice! =D  Too bad the baby was sleeping, if not i will snap pictures of him! i love babies! =DD

Went Jusco Bukit Tinggi after that. Seldom went there to shop because it is too far from here. Of course, as a professional shopaholic, i shop again! I don't know why i just love shopping. lol. =)  Went Padini at first. Bought 2 shirts for my daddy! He loves it! =)  My brother bought one shirt from there too. After that, me and my sis went to Brands Outlet. 3 Tees for RM 50 only! She bought the shirts too! 

Had Spicy Mc Shaker for tea time! Shake Shake Shake! =D  I AM A MC SHAKER FANS! xP  Had Green Apple flavour twist ice cream from MCD too.Yum Yum. Went to SaSa finally. Bought masks! *too much stress* xP

 Padini! LOVEEE!

 Brands Outlet! 3 Tees for RM 50!

SaSa!  Masks! =)

Before we went back home, we went to my another relative house in SS2, somewhere near KDU college. My uncle and aunt are a very friendly type person. They gave me a lot of informations on the courses and the pathway i should go. My aunt even contacted her friend, who is a Actuarial Science fresh graduate from US, her name is Wen Li. And me and Wen Li chatted through the phone. She told me a lot a lot of stuffs about Actuarial Science. So now, i got a better understanding on Actuaries! =) thanks to Wen Li! 

Btw, had fun with their doggy too! The puppy is superb cute! Just like a round ball! Its fur is very soft, and he is playful! =)  Its name is Fudgy! 

 See! Malu pula! xP

the back side!

loveee! =)

SPM is in 3 weeks time! I really need lots of concentration!
Pray hard. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Well, just got back from tuition. So, not going to blog for long today :)  Had supper with LingSze and my brother just now. Had dessert and those fried stuffs :)  Came back home quite late, feeling very tired now, but not sleepy. Wondered why? xP

Owh yea, I received a call from Inti Subang Jaya college. I got a scholarship offer from them. =D  I told my parents about it, and they were happy for me. But I don't know whether to go Inti college a not. The college quite far, and my mom prefer to me to go other colleges that are linked to overseas. So, maybe i will wait for the other offer, or I don't know. *help!* =(  should i take it or not?

Uniqlo! It finally 'landed' here! Its in Farenheit88! My brother went there today and he bought so many shirts! *envy!* feel like going now. lol =)

Its Deepavali tomorrow! So i wish u guys Happy Deepavali! Ciaoz! =D

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Magical Journey.


The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is a fantasy story for children or even teenagers today! You guys must be wondering what is DAWN TREADER right? Its actually a ship, a fantastic NARNIAN Ship, where when Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, along with their cousin Eustace and their royal friend King Caspian, find themselves swallowed into a painting, and then they took the DAWN TREADER aboard. As they embark on an incredible adventure of destiny and discovery, they confront obstacles beyond imagination. 

While at the same time, new characters were introduced in this movie too!. First is

Eustace Scrubb, their odious cousin.

While the second character is

Reepicheep, the talking mouse!

Well, if I am given a chance to visit Narnia, and I would like to take this opportunity to explore one of the island in Narnia, called the Dark Island. Dark, doesn't mean that it is a very evil island. Dark Island is actually an island, where all the dreams can come true! Incredible right? =)

So, when I first reached the Dark Island, i will make my first wish, which I would like to transform the island to become a big, modern and underwater city! Everyone is rich, and they have their own transport, which is CAR PRIVATE SUBMARINE. And MY CITY, no roads will be built because everything is floating! The houses will be built inside the shells, just like this!

Each of the houses will be built inside the shells respectively, and the Pearl will be the road light!

Then, I will fulfill my second wish, where I will keep Aslan, the lion as my pet! Why Aslan as my pet? Hah! Aslan is brave and strong enough to protect me from danger. =)  I will keep Aslan in a huge aquarium, where oxygen is available in it, so that Aslan would be able to live underwater with me! Food and drinks are well provided for Aslan too! I will trained Aslan to be Vegetarian so that he won't eat me when he is hungry to the max! xP

Aslan, my pet! =D

Finally, my last wish. I will follow the Narnians -  Lucy, Edmund, Eustace and Caspian to go through all the adventures in Narnia World! I will have my own magic power to fight the evils! I will ask Caspian to teach me all the fighting skills and everything! I will become the youngest women warrior and become a history in the world! =D  

Imagine me, holding a spear or sword, riding on a horse! =D

All right. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader will be shown in cinemas on the 10 December 2010. It is available either in 3D or 2D too!  seriously can't wait  to watch this movie! =D  Visit this website for more information!

Narnia, The Movie!