Saturday, November 20, 2010

I am meant to be who I am.

It seems like I love blogging these days huh?
I tried to keep myself away from blogging but it seems like, not working eh? 

Feeling better now. Sick getting better.
*No more cough, but flu still the same* 
Sick before SPM huh? Somemore its like, 2 more days to SPM? 
Owh gosh!

Owh yea, my parents went outstation and will be back on this coming Tuesday, i guess.
So, i will be staying at home with my granny and maid.
My 3 meals like, 'incomplete*
Most of the time have to eat maggie. sigh. =(
I prefer MCD instead. xD

Btw, i still in love with my TUMBLR. heee!
Love the photos and quotes there.

 This is one of my favourite. =)

Love! xD

And the other two pictures so cute! =D


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