Monday, November 8, 2010


Me! =)

Hello! One quick update today! Surprisingly, I went to school today. I don't know why i decided to go to school today. Thought of staying at home to sleep. But anyway, I WENT TO SCHOOL TODAY! =)  Big Big Achievement! xD

Wore PJK attire to school today. Lazy to wear school uniform. Troublesome xD  So, the first person who screwed my mood is my discipline teacher, Puan Salmini.

(S is Puan Salmini)
"Girl, why u are not wearing your school uniform?" S asked.  
"Owh, I don't have my uniform." I told her.  
"Why don't have? Where is your uniform?" S asked again.  
"At home." I told her again.  
"I don't care. You must wear school uniform tomorrow." S told me.  
"I not coming to school tomorrow anyway." I told her and she was speechless.
Lol. All my friends burst into laughters when they heard what i told S. Lol. Why should i tell her that I'm not going to school tomorrow huh?

Studied in class. Actually quite nice to study in school today. Only 10 students come to school. And the 10 of us all sat together and studied together. =)  Whan came to school during recess time. Now he become a great chef  xD  He prepared "breakfast" for Eelyn, and kononnya part of it is for my birthday present. xP  His fried crocket very delicious. =)

Went home after school. Tired. Wanted to sleep a while but Sejarah is my mind. So i studied a lil. And most of the time I watched tv. Lol. Might be going out tomorrow. =D


  1. haha, i always did that during highschool times, i dont even bother about the disipline teacher, wakaka!!

  2. lol... reminds me of how obedient I am when I was in secondary and high school. Now, even my lecturer didn't ask me to come to campus, I will also go to campus to find them. Secondary school teacher are much responsible.

  3. @J@nn haha! no ones bother about discipline teacher! xD

  4. @Annie College are different than high school now. But college are more fun right? xD

  5. That was really brave of you! Hahaha but I was still a very "budak skema" in my times lar.... a fearsome prefect to be honest lol

  6. @Albert Wow! Prefect? *amazed!* lol! =D then u are a very good boy in your school right? xD

  7. @Hilda its something crispy, with potato inside xD