Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Sweet 17!

Yeahhh! Finally I am officially, 17 now! so happy today! =D  

Today was such a surprising, touching, amazing birthday bash for me. Seriously, i didn't thought to have such a BIG birthday surprise for me this year. I don't know how to describe my feelings, and at the same time, i am so touching to have a whole bunch of my sweet hearts, especially Eelyn, Ling Sze, Carmen, Emily, Xin Yan, Cat, Kar Yee, Pearly, Joel and not to forget Timothy Lee. Of course, my sister is the earliest among the all to wish me birthday! xD I would like to express my gratitude to Timothy and Ling Sze especially who planned this birthday surprise for me. I thought it would be just like a normal day for me, but it came out so surprisingly and this will be definitely, be my memorable day! Again, THANK YOU to everyone who wish me happy birthday today, and those who celebrated with me too! =D

So, i shall let the pictures to do the talking. =)

it seems like the cake bigger than me ehh? xD
Its marble cheese cake! Yum Yum!

TXR - my name! xD

Zoom in!

ewww! Emily's ear after suren and eelyn put cheese on her ears! xP

My eyes kena the cheese cream!
konon-nya its a tradition to put cream on birthday girl/boy?

What's inside the Tupperware huh?
its actually Tau Fu Fa! my favourite! =)
But this is crazy! One whole big bucket of it! 
Don't know whether i can finished the whole thing a not. lol.

my birthday card from my sweet heartsss! =)
Thank you guys! love! =D

Alright. Got more pictures, but i lazy to upload it in my blog. Right after school, I was half wet, actually mostly all wet, because my friends splashed water on me! Another tradition huh? xP  Joey, the birthday girl too, was totally all wet! =( 

Anyway, I am very happy today. I really love this surprise guys! Thank you! Owh yea, its my graduation day tomorrow! Thats why i said, Birthday today, Graduation day tomorrow! Time Flies! =(   Definitely will take lotsa pictures tomorrow! Memories peeps! xD


  1. Happy birthday... Your cake so big, can finish?

  2. Happy Birthday scorpio girl.

    From scorpio guy.

  3. happy birthday little girl! oh...u're definitely cute! Good luck for stpm ya!! all the best! muax!

  4. @supia thanks! nope, i distributed to all my classmates =)

  5. @chris thank you scorpio guy! xD

  6. @Mich thanks! thank you for your compliment too! xD

  7. happy birthday! im a scorpio girl too :D and ... you are so young :( envy~ haha

  8. @debra thanks! haha! we are both young =)

  9. dropping by from Innit, happy birthday! :)

  10. @lynnie @Camy thank you for ur wishes ;)

  11. @Mechel @Joyce @Albert Thanks for visiting my blog =) and thank you for ur wish too :)