Saturday, November 6, 2010

Only You.

Hey all! Back to blogging again! Was too into Tumblr this few days, so now i shall back to Blogger =)  So about my day. Hmm, I had tuition this morning, then I had lunch with my buddies in Old Town! This shall be our LAST friends outing before SPM! Sigh! SPM screw our mood! =(  We did enjoyed ourselves very much, talking with my buddies. =) Went back home after lunch, and its study time, again.

What about yesterday? Yesterday was a very nice outing! Mom went Genting with her sisters, so my dad decided to bring me to visit my relatives in Klang! My brother and my sister went there together too! =)  It was a long journey there. Reached there during lunch time. Had lunch with relatives. The steamed fish in curry was really nice! =D  Too bad the baby was sleeping, if not i will snap pictures of him! i love babies! =DD

Went Jusco Bukit Tinggi after that. Seldom went there to shop because it is too far from here. Of course, as a professional shopaholic, i shop again! I don't know why i just love shopping. lol. =)  Went Padini at first. Bought 2 shirts for my daddy! He loves it! =)  My brother bought one shirt from there too. After that, me and my sis went to Brands Outlet. 3 Tees for RM 50 only! She bought the shirts too! 

Had Spicy Mc Shaker for tea time! Shake Shake Shake! =D  I AM A MC SHAKER FANS! xP  Had Green Apple flavour twist ice cream from MCD too.Yum Yum. Went to SaSa finally. Bought masks! *too much stress* xP

 Padini! LOVEEE!

 Brands Outlet! 3 Tees for RM 50!

SaSa!  Masks! =)

Before we went back home, we went to my another relative house in SS2, somewhere near KDU college. My uncle and aunt are a very friendly type person. They gave me a lot of informations on the courses and the pathway i should go. My aunt even contacted her friend, who is a Actuarial Science fresh graduate from US, her name is Wen Li. And me and Wen Li chatted through the phone. She told me a lot a lot of stuffs about Actuarial Science. So now, i got a better understanding on Actuaries! =) thanks to Wen Li! 

Btw, had fun with their doggy too! The puppy is superb cute! Just like a round ball! Its fur is very soft, and he is playful! =)  Its name is Fudgy! 

 See! Malu pula! xP

the back side!

loveee! =)

SPM is in 3 weeks time! I really need lots of concentration!
Pray hard.