Saturday, July 25, 2009

Heart Hurts !!!

Urgh..wat the hell ?!!!

What happen to me? Why I keep staring at him?
Why I'm oways searching for his shadow??
Why he keep on appear in front of my face?? Why he's staring at me?
Why when I met his eyes and he met my eyes and both of us will evade each other??

I wanna talk nicely to him..just for once..once is enough for me...............

Mend my he
art pls...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Big LOVE to Yew Joe !!!

Pizza-za-za...hoo hoo..
Right afta school, yew joe, me, eelyn and min hua went pizza hut by taxi..
We've call d d stupid taxi didn't come..and we waited there for 15 MINUTES!!!
Then, we decided walk to KTM to find a cab there...
Luckily, we found one..haha..
We giggling all d way there...

We reached there finally..
We saw a 'peacock' there too...haha..
Urgh.. d 'peacock' to describe leh?? she sucks man!!!
I've never seen this kind of ppl lor...

We order a Set Meal for 4 person...
While we're waiting fo d food, we gossiping..chit-chatting wid each other..
We even took lots of pic too..I'll update d photo soon..

We enjoy the day very much..
We oso packed 2 pizzas for dear lingsze too..

P.S Me, Yew Joe , Min Hua have promised each other to take driving test together!!! haha!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pizza Hut Tomorrow !!!

Haha..Thx to Yew Joe ya...
Yeah !!! Having a 'date' wid him ( + Eelyn + Min Hua ) too...
He's going to belanja us tomorrow...nice man..haha...
Tomorrow after school..v going to PIZZA HUT by taxi !!!
Cannot wait till Tomorrow la...

Thx Yew Joe..XP

Xue Ren

First Blog !!!

Hi there...
well, this is my first blog..hope u all like it..haha..actually..i don't know what to write la..
i dunno why i'll start to blog now..maybe its a place for me to share my happiness and sadness...
i'll try to update my blog anytime if i'm free enough..
see ya..