Saturday, July 18, 2009

Big LOVE to Yew Joe !!!

Pizza-za-za...hoo hoo..
Right afta school, yew joe, me, eelyn and min hua went pizza hut by taxi..
We've call d d stupid taxi didn't come..and we waited there for 15 MINUTES!!!
Then, we decided walk to KTM to find a cab there...
Luckily, we found one..haha..
We giggling all d way there...

We reached there finally..
We saw a 'peacock' there too...haha..
Urgh.. d 'peacock' to describe leh?? she sucks man!!!
I've never seen this kind of ppl lor...

We order a Set Meal for 4 person...
While we're waiting fo d food, we gossiping..chit-chatting wid each other..
We even took lots of pic too..I'll update d photo soon..

We enjoy the day very much..
We oso packed 2 pizzas for dear lingsze too..

P.S Me, Yew Joe , Min Hua have promised each other to take driving test together!!! haha!!!