Monday, February 25, 2013

Mama's birthday celebration!

Hola! It was my mama's birthday last Friday. February 22, 222. What a nice number right? Well I just realized that my family has nice birth dates! My birthday is on November 11, 1111. My sister birthday is on June 6, 0606. My brother's birthday is on August 29, 2 days before Merdeka. My mama's birthday is on 222, already mentioned before. And my dad's birthday is on June 8, 0608, 2 days after my sister's birthday. Overall our birth dates are pretty easy to remember right? So remember to give us presents yeah, hahaha! =P

So we decided to celebrate mama's birthday in One Utama, since wheelchair service is provided there. Now I only can visit shopping malls that have wheelchair services, pretty sad right? I wish I can go shopping with both my legs jumping, walking, running around the mall.

OOTD - blue semi-formal dress.
Bought from Taiwan by mama. Love this present! :)

We had our dinner in 三盅两件 The Soup Restaurant. Since there were only 5 of us, we just ordered their signature dish - Samsui Ginger Chicken, fish in ginger sauce, homemade tofu, vege and of course, their famous boiled soup.

It was my first time to eat Samsui Ginger Chicken, and I love it so much although I'm not a ginger lover.
It was special, where we can choose to wrap the chicken with ginger in lettuce. So crunchy and fresh.

Overall the food is really good but kinda costly. A bowl of rice costs more than RM 2. Our dinner was roughly around RM200+, just some simple dishes though. Yet, the taste and quality of the food is undeniable, really good.

Rating : 
Food : 4/5
Price : 2.5/5
Service : 4/5
Ambiance : 4/5

Address :
Soup Restaurant 三盅两件
Lot G210A, Ground Floor
One Utama Shopping Center
Tel : 03-7727 2789

Birthday cake from Lavender.

Make a wish.

With mama! 
Do we look alike? :)

Camwhore with sister! :)

One of the birthday present we prepared for mama.
A home made birthday card with our photos and things we wanna tell her.

The birthday celebration was simple yet lovely. We were glad to spend time with each other in this special day. The moment when we saw her smiling after she received our treats and presents, we felt contented and happy. Indeed, she is the best mama ever in my life, although she keeps on nagging us to be a good boy/girl. I promise I will try my best to become a daughter she always wanted and love her, always and forever.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lou Sang + Ah Gong's birthday celebration!

Kinda late to talk about Lou Sang rite? Wanted to blog about it since I last updated my blog, but my leg condition does not allow me to do so. Sigh. Sitting in front of the computer and blog will make my leg numb. That's why I rarely touch my computer these days. Luckily my leg improve faster than I expected. No more casting, and I'm now on a 'robot' shoe! Will blog about it next time.

So I had my first Lou Sang with my family on the 2nd day of CNY in Sin Choi Wah Restaurant. Well, I'm not a Lou Sang lover because I only eat the crunchy biscuits in the Lou Sang dish. Sounds funny right? I don't eat the salmon pieces on it, i don't eat the colourful thingy in it and so on. I only found the crunchy biscuits are delicious. LOL! Allow me to be picky! Haha!

Lou Sang - a must eat during CNY!

Throw whatever wishes you want in 2013 and start lou-ing!
Lou higher the better! Lou lou lou!

One of the most colouful dishes during CNY.

From left : My uncle & aunt from S'pore, mummy and ah gong! :)

With my beloved daddy! :)

With my bro. 
He rarely take photos except with his gf. Typical brother! =P

With my sis and cousin from S'pore.

The final dish - 寿包
It's my Ah Gong's birthday that day too.

Lovely design! 
3 flavours available - custard, lotus paste and red bean paste.

Everyone enjoying the pao!

The biggest pau, of course on my head larrr! =P

Happy Birthday Ah Gong! 
Smile until his eyes became one line. 咪咪眼! Haha!

Brownies all the way from S'pore! 
Even tastier than Secret Recipe's ones. 
Wonder how my aunt get it. Must ask her next time.

We sang birthday song for him, in English, Chinese, Cantonese and Korean language! 

With Ah Gong and cousins, showing snake pose! :)

It was a fun CNY overall. 
Not too fancy, but with lots of love.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Family love.

With brother, sister and cousins.

Nothing breaks the bond of family.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Hello readers! It's time to change my blog header and layout. It's 2013 now, and I'm going to 20 this year, as well as CNY is around the corner. *LAME EXCUSES GIVEN* =P  Nahhhhh, because I'm bored, that's why I decided to come out with a new blog header and layout. Theme chosen : VINTAGE.

Well, I'm actually still thinking which header below to use. Same pattern, but different tones. I love both, but it seems like the second one gives a bigger impact when I previewed my blog. All thanks to Tumblr for giving me inspirations! Love love love! :)

Feel free to comment. xoxo

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm allow to be emotional, right?

I just fell down, once again. And this time I hit the floor badly. I was shocked too. I never know the crutches will slipped and my whole body just fell and hit the floor. Luckily my injured leg was okay due to the stable casting. Phew!

And I cried. Not because of I fell down, but because of other things that runs in my mind. Something that no one will understand because I am the one that going through all these hardship. I'm not asking for any pity, but just try to understand my situation. Is that even possible? Sigh.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Since I spend EVERY SINGLE MOMENTS lying on sofa at home, I have no place to go or visit, and I barely have stuffs to blog. My life is pretty boring and TOTAL LIFELESS now! Some one please suggest me what to do when I only can sit down with hands moving but not leg. Arhhh! :(