Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lou Sang + Ah Gong's birthday celebration!

Kinda late to talk about Lou Sang rite? Wanted to blog about it since I last updated my blog, but my leg condition does not allow me to do so. Sigh. Sitting in front of the computer and blog will make my leg numb. That's why I rarely touch my computer these days. Luckily my leg improve faster than I expected. No more casting, and I'm now on a 'robot' shoe! Will blog about it next time.

So I had my first Lou Sang with my family on the 2nd day of CNY in Sin Choi Wah Restaurant. Well, I'm not a Lou Sang lover because I only eat the crunchy biscuits in the Lou Sang dish. Sounds funny right? I don't eat the salmon pieces on it, i don't eat the colourful thingy in it and so on. I only found the crunchy biscuits are delicious. LOL! Allow me to be picky! Haha!

Lou Sang - a must eat during CNY!

Throw whatever wishes you want in 2013 and start lou-ing!
Lou higher the better! Lou lou lou!

One of the most colouful dishes during CNY.

From left : My uncle & aunt from S'pore, mummy and ah gong! :)

With my beloved daddy! :)

With my bro. 
He rarely take photos except with his gf. Typical brother! =P

With my sis and cousin from S'pore.

The final dish - 寿包
It's my Ah Gong's birthday that day too.

Lovely design! 
3 flavours available - custard, lotus paste and red bean paste.

Everyone enjoying the pao!

The biggest pau, of course on my head larrr! =P

Happy Birthday Ah Gong! 
Smile until his eyes became one line. 咪咪眼! Haha!

Brownies all the way from S'pore! 
Even tastier than Secret Recipe's ones. 
Wonder how my aunt get it. Must ask her next time.

We sang birthday song for him, in English, Chinese, Cantonese and Korean language! 

With Ah Gong and cousins, showing snake pose! :)

It was a fun CNY overall. 
Not too fancy, but with lots of love.


  1. Replies
    1. haha, luckily can finish it. if not it would be so wasted! =P

  2. lou sang huat arr! the salmon pcs so big arr! remember to drink more hot drinks or sake while eat salmon ok? XD

    1. why hot drinks or sake?? i no like the coldness of salmon! >.<

  3. Whooa, the pao is really huge. Happy belated birthday to you, Ah Gong! (:

    1. haha, yea yeah. it was my first time seeing such a big pao too! =P

  4. Just dropping by to wish u Happy CNY, Xue Ren!

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