Sunday, September 28, 2014

New adventure, begins...

Wow! It has been ages, since I last blogged OWH MAI GODDD! Well, I blamed myself for neglecting my blog for so long *GUILT OVERLOAD*

Anyway, here I am, in Bristol, United Kingdom. It is my first time, leaving my beloved home, leaving my family, my sister(s), my friends and uni buddies, to a place that I barely know about it. But life goes on, and I will bear with it, as usual! *VITAMIN GIRL*

In current, I'm still in the progress of settling down, especially to a brand new culture and city. Having tones of problems and confusions in terms of routes and road signage. Will keep things posted up, soon? :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tik-tok of Internship.

Yes, I started my internship TWO DAYS ago! It's my first day, officially working in a big company! No friends but with a super brave, preparing-to-war, never-ever-give up, die-hard feelings to place my first footstep in the company lol!

Although I just started my working life for like 2 days, but I starting to miss uni life. My awe- to the -some lecturers, crazily acting friends, non-stop lectures and assignments... It's funny, because I do miss them although I was complaining like mad before that. But working life is not bad, I guess? Well it's just 2 days, so I can't make any conclusions, yet.

So the company that I am interning is *drum rolls* GO COMMUNICATIONS *throwing confetti* I was so happy to intern in such a great company, with amazing staffs under dynamic environment. In fact, I feel like I am actually working in a family factory hahaha?! They work professionally, but at the same time, they can be fun too! Hmm, the way of them acting or talking in office is so different compared to lunch time or after office hour. Sometimes, I wonder how they deal with stress eh? Facing with so many different clients and unforeseen circumstances, but they are able to pull it through, like some strong warriors killing their enemies like a boss in war. I only worked for 2 days, but I can feel the stress is slowly creeping in... Well, I'm gonna screw all the obstacles away and work harder to achieve my dream!

Anyway, I feel contented with what I'm having right now. From my first ever formal interview in Go Comm, with no expectations that I will be accepted, till I received a call from them, telling me that my interview went successfully and get ready to work in January, and finally, now working in Go Comm! Everything seems like a dream for me. Well, I shall not crash my sweet dream, but to make my dream comes true isn't it? :)