Thursday, June 30, 2011

Embarrassing week!


I'm still having my internal exam, but guess what? I'm still blogging. LOL! =P
Tomorrow will be the end of my Part 1 exam. *internal done, external coming in two weeks time* hectic hectic week. =(
Had Biology & Math-S today. And OMG! Its so tough man! 
As usual, lack of time to finish it again. All I can do is, tembak the rest that I haven't fill in.
So, just wish me a good luck for that. =P
Will be having Chemistry & Computer Practical tomorrow.
Pray really hard for that. =)
Shall get some rest after tomorrow. Hmm.

Drove to college today, as usual.
Was early because not really jam.
So I drove to MCD with Sweet Yee to have a quick bite.
Suddenly craving for HASHBROWN! LOL! =P

Coffee and HashBrown. 

After my exam today, I drove to Tim Ban Kor Kor with Sweet Yee again.
Suddenly craving for DESSERT pulak! =P

My dessert.
Fruits in Tau Fu Fa! *taste so delicious!*  =P

Well, I don't know why I had such unlucky days this week.
Sigh. Really UNLUCKY! >.<

First, during Biology extra class, I mistaken pronounced spores as SPERM!
OMG! Tai Yun and Mr Jefri laughed like mad. I was so embarrassed that time. 

Then, I went for WRONG CLASS for my exam.
I was wondering why got no one in the class, and after a while, I realised I was in the wrong class.
Rushed to the actual class after that. LOL! 

And the most embarrassed one,
I FELL DOWN in front of all my course mates! Gahhh! =(
My goddddd! Why is this happening to me?
That time, I walking with my friends, complaining about how hard was Math-S paper.
Then all at a sudden, I felt a strong pull behind me.
I actually fell backwards, and eventually 'slept' on the floor.
My hand injured a lil, got slightly blue-black now, and I banged my head on the floor. Gosh! =(
Its really PAIN! My tears flow down weii! 
My friends laughed at me, but still helped to 'drag' me to the bench.

I think I really can win the title : BLURR QUEEN!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Exam week!

Gahhh! My internal exam starts tomorrow!
I don't know whether can do a not. Its freaking tough to score! =(
I guess I won't be updating my blog till this coming weekend.
Shall study 99, but twitter, I still need you! =P

Today all my classes cancelled.
Study leave for us.
But, I still went to college for group discussion.
I drove there, and I stucked in the jam for an hour wei! bad bad traffic =(

Reached there and had some math revision with Tai Yun and Peggy.
Mr Yap was there to give us extra guidance for math too. 
Still need more practice for my mathematical induction. Superb hard! =(
Ordered pizzas from Pizza Hut for lunch, because Mr Yap was craving for Garlic bread. LOL!
Delivery was quite fast. =)

After lunch, spent most of the time in TLC.
A nice place to study because no one will be there to kacau.
Spent most of the time studying Biology. Me and Tai Yun were drawing lots of mind map & diagrams on the white board. =)

Drove home after that. Fetched my cousin home too. =)
Heavy traffic again. Used another one hour to reach my home sweet home.
Will be driving to college this week. Pray hard, no jam please? =)

Seriously, need more luck.
No, i need lots of luck! =)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Aroma of coffee bean eh?

Blog right after I reached home from college.
Had more than 6 hours of extra class today!
My eyes are so tired, that its really hard to open my eyes.
*the consequences of sleeping late at 3 am, padan muka!* =X

I drove to college this morning, alone. LOL! Traffic wasn't that heavy that time. Phew. Anyway, I'm getting used to driving alrdy. *sometimes i felt a lil bored too* Especially when its heavy traffic. Hmm.
Reached college safely and I forgot to text my dad.
My dad was so worried. LOL! He even called me. Sorry dad!

Met Tai Yun at college. 
After that, Mr Jefri fetched us to 1 Utama to have our extra class.
LOL! An so-called outing + study. =P
Had 4 hours class at Coffee Bean.
The atmosphere was good actually. *aroma of coffee bean eh?*  =P

Vanilla Latte. *lazy to invert it.* =D
New York Chicken Puff.

After 4 hours class, we changed destination. haha! =D
Went to Penang Flavours for late lunch.
Had another 2 hours class there. 
It was really fun to have such a 'outing' like that. 
Mr Jefri was my favourite lecturer as well as a very good friend of mine.
We can chat a lot of stuffs. Me, Tai Yun and Mr Jefri = Bio Freaks! =)

Shall get some rest now.
*tired* =(

Friday, June 24, 2011


Love this photo so much! =)

Its the middle of the night,
and I'm still awake! LOL! 
I am really sleepy, but something is bothering me again.
Trying to finish up some of my Bio papers. 3 sets! Gahhh! Just kill me! xD

My internal exam starts on next Tuesday! * I AM SO NERVOUS!*
To be honest, I have no confident to do well in this exam.
This course was a lil hard-to-cope for me. Its not the marks problem, its their Aussie's grading system problem.
Getting an simple A, we have to score 85% and above! *just A-, what about A, A+, definitely higher and higher* >.<
In other words, if we lose more than 5-8 marks, A will fly away! 
Anyhow, I will just try my best to do everything I can. Make sure I have no regrets! =)

I have no idea how many sets of papers I received in this two weeks time. 
More than 8 sets of Math-S papers.
3 sets of Biology paper.
 4 sets of Chemistry paper.
3 sets of Computer practical test.
1 listening test for English.
This is why I don't have time to update my bloggie. *so sorry!* =(
Will update it once I'm free!

Owh well, before that, we had dissection of rats *d.o.r* for Biology practical.
I was excited because finally I can dissect something after so long.
*the last time i dissect is around Form 4 i think. A frog.*
Now, its rat! Gah gah! =D

Some random photos taken during the practical. =)

Some of the apparatus. 

I am well-prepared to dissect! =P

Mr Jefri taking out the rats for each of the group.

The rat was 'sleeping' on its 'bed'.

So sorry to pin you up like this. =(

Finding the part that should be dissected.

Photo taken after hours dissecting the rat.
The process was really hard, and 'geli'.
I can't imagine, really. Luckily Tai Yun was my team mate. She's the one who dissected most of the part.
Mainly, I helped her to take out the part which have to be dissected.
I can't afford to see so much blood there.
It must be so painful right? 

Thats why I know I won't become a doctor in future.
I'm freaking scared of reddish blood.
And according to Tai Yun,
I'm too good to everyone. *any living things in the world*
Bully by other people easily.
Pity someone or something easily. 
This is me. LOL!

*the disgusting part!*

The organs that I took out after dissection.
There's heart, liver, intestines, kidney and other organs too.

Tai Yun checking the rat's brain.
Eww! I can't tahan at this stage. Its so CRUEL! OMG! >.<

My gloves stained with rat's blood.

Hopefully I won't have a nightmare of this, please?

Will be having Biology extra class with Tai Yun tomorrow.
From 10 am to unknown time. *no matter how have to finish everything up by tmr*
So tmr will be having lunch with Mr Jefri and Tai Yun together.
Most probably class will be in either college or outside college. hee! =)

I just in love with Biology. Bio freak! =DD

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why why why?

Happy Belated Birthday Eli aka Qi Wen! =)
Finally get to meet you, heee! *happy happy me!*  =P

Such a chubby looking girl there! 

Had dinner at Picadilly with some other bloggers.
*with Jayren, Qi Wen, Jia Yeen, Henry, Qi Tyng, Qi Tyng's bf, Melissa, Kian Fai, Isaac, Adrian, Iris, Tony, Elywn, Sherry*
Henry was the driver of the day.
He fetched me from college and fetched Jia Yeen too. *thanks thanks!*  =)

Group photo. =)

Look at Henry's face expression! *epic!*  =P

Had a 'bad' day that day.
I ordered my food, but my food wasn't in the list. *iish!*
*i remembered i ordered alrdy yeah, but not in the list pulak.* =(
I waited for around one hour, and I drank 2 glasses of drink! *was full cause of water eh?* =P

Anyway, was happy to meet so many bloggers! They are very friendly, and funny too.
I tried some Carlsberg beer too. LOL! They ordered one whole tower of Carlsberg! =P
So everyone drank, and they were quite good in drinking weyy! So pro!
I can't drink. I can only drink two sips. >.<

Nice meeting with bloggers that night. AWESOME!
Hopefully can meet them more in future! =)

Dissection tomorrow!
*i can't wait!*  Heee! =P

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Update for the weekend!


Had an simple outing with my babes.
*with Lyn, LingSze, Pearly, Zi Han, Chris & Fabian*
Btw, Ling Sze just got back from NS! She got 4 days holidays. So happy that she can joined us. =)
We had lunch @ I Utama. Sakae Sushi again! *madness eh?*  =P
After that. we went to bowling centre @ 1 Utama. Planned to have bowling outing actually.
Mana tahu got tournament there. So we had to go to e-Curve instead.

I remember, the last time I played bowling was like, in FORM TWO? OMG!
It had been so long. LOL! I don't even know how to use the bowling ball alrdy. LOL!
Chris was the winner of the day. He kept on strike one. All of us can only do spare. >.<

The score board.
SS is Sharon Stone, means me. *Chris did that purposely! iish!*  =P
The score was really bad. haha!

Group photo!

Sisters! =)

My forever besties!
Chat with her a lot that day, about the past, college life and some other stuffs.
Miss her lots!


Went to Federal Hotel early in the morning.
For Kasturi Award Ceremony. *SPM ones*
I drove there too. Luckily no jam.
Had been driving a lot recently. Getting bored sometimes, LOL! =P
So I got a small trophy and some cash from them too. *happy me!* =D

After that, my bro and I went to Sunway Pyramid.
We had lunch there. *Ayam Penyek express.*  Have no idea what it means.
Then we had bubble tea @ Chat Time too.
OMG! their bubble tea are awesome! So delicious! Yums! 
Got so many 'pearls' in it. Hee! Bought one for my sister too.

My bro officially introduced me to his gf, Hui Li. His gf looks sweet and cute.
Both of them are such a lovely couple. We jalan jalan there and did some shopping there too.
I bought a new nail polish from Beauty Credit. *from Korean*
Previously was so addicted to Elianto, The Face Shop, Skin Food and Etude House.
Now I found a new love. The colour looks like tumblr one. Awesome!
I bought a pink ones. Coral Pink. Pink madness recently! =P
Hui Li even bought me a pair of slippers from Padini.
*loveee it so much*  RED & White Stripes! Thank you dear! =)

Extremely tired once i reached home.
I have no idea why I feel tired so easily these days, even if I had enough rest.
I wondered...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Sweet Escape 1 - Singapore

Woots, finally its time to update my blog with my SWEET ESCAPE, to Singapore babe! =D  I'm so excited to blog about this trip but I was really busy with my college stuffs these days. So I shall make this post short and sweet, with lots of pictures! =)

Well, I had my sem break two weeks ago. So my sister and I decided to go Singapore for a trip. At first my parents were kinda worried because only TWO of us are going to S'pore, but after a 'very long talk', finally my parents approved! hee! =)  We went there by First Coach bus in the morning, and reached S'pore around 3 something in the evening. The journey was comfortable, nice seat, and nice movie list to choose from. Watched Devils Wear Prada? *if i'm not mistaken the name of the movie* =P

1st photo once I reached S'pore!

My aunt picked us up around 5pm. Singapore is such a clean and bright city! I can see NO rubbish there! LOL! It seems so peaceful there! =)  Had a very nice dinner at Tung Lok Restaurant with uncle, aunt and cousins. Their food are awesome, especially their chicken soup! Yums! After dinner, we went back to aunt's house for rest. Played X-Box with my cousins too. Some dancing games. Now I know how to dance Poker Face using X-Box! Cool! =D

X-Box corner.

Sitting on the yoga ball! =P

My beloved cousin! =)

The next day, my sister and I went to Universal Studio - my dream theme park whenever I have a chance to travel to overseas. My sister went there before, so basically she became my tour guide. =)  I was so excited that day. The theme park was really pretty, with all sorts of different themes, plus exciting rides, meeting up with cartoon characters and so on. I was quite amazed with their buildings and rides in Universal Studio. Its awesome! =D  The rides, especially the roller coaster *360 degree turning and even go backwards!*, love it so much! Screamed like mad, until sore throat. LOL! =P  The food was really expensive there. It cost us around 20 bucks for one hotdog! =X

Alright, save time and let the pics do the talking. =)

Outfit of that day.

Universal Studio!

Whose eyes are bigger huh? =P

Kung Fu Panda!


Hollywood babe!

Magadascar Park!

At the ride entrance.

All the Magadascar characters! 


The huge roller coaster behind me!

Another spinning ride - Accelerator.

Tired looking!

Love this camera necklace! 3D ! =P

*i am scared! xD*

The pretty castle! =)

Woodpecker and I!

Was wet after playing the wet rides. =X

This black guy is scary! =P

I look so short! >.<

with 3D glasses, watching Shrek!

Sci-Fi City!

Subway world! 

Law firm.

Oscar actress! =P

Strong eh?

Got something eh? 

The street!


Marshmallow I bought from there!

Tired, but still posing =P


Stay tuned for part 2!