Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wedding 5/6/2011

Hello! I know its kinda late to update about this, but seriously, I got not much free time to blog recently. =X  Life gonna be very hectic soon, with all my internal and external exams, plus assignments and presentations coming soon. *scary!*

P.S  Long post ahead! =P

Well, its my cousin's wedding last week. And she is quite a close cousin to me. So this wedding, we helped her with lots of stuffs, like preparing food and beverages and helping her with other wedding matters. All of us were excited the day before the wedding. We had nice dinner with all the relatives the night before the wedding. And THE SISTERS were discussing the plan to make fun of the groom. LOL! The sisters consists of my 3 other cousins, my sister and me.

So on that morning, we woke up very early and started to prepare all the stuffs. LOL! The 'process' was really funny. We prepared special 'materials' for THE BROTHERS such as the RED BRA, the CANE, WASABI plate and other silly stuffs too. OUR MAIN AIM is to get MONEY MONEY MONEY from them! =P

I shall lets the pictures do the talking. =)

Outfit of the morning! *in love with floral dresses!*

Camwhore! =P

Here's the bride! 

Looking nervous eh? =P

Me and the pretty bride! =)

After the groom and his brothers arrived, of course, they had to cross a lot of 'challenges' set by us! 
First, the groom had to give us 'angpau'. Then the groom had to wear the RED BRA!

Ta da! =P

Next what?
The brothers had to blow the balloon inside his 'breast'! LOL!
Until the balloon burst!


After went through lots of challenges, finally he came to his lovely bride.
Aww! so lovely! =)

The lovely birds! =)

Then, it was the tea ceremony.

We received a very BIG 'angpow' after all these stuffs!
*so happy!*  =)

Then, we headed to the groom's house too. Their house was modern and pretty!
Newly-wed feelings eh? =)

 I like this pose!

aww! lovely couple! =)

At night, we had an awesome wedding dinner at a restaurant in Jalan Bukit Bintang.
All of us dressed well there too!

Outfit of the night! *floral dress!*

Camwhore again! =P

My hair-do! =)

Crowded restaurant!

The lovely bride and groom! =)

Menu of the day.

Some of the food photos.
Food #1

Food #2

Food #3

Food #4

Desserts #1

Desserts #2

Photo session with family. =)

Me and my beloved daddy.

With some of my cousins. 

with my cousins too. =)

Daddy and mommy. *mommy purposely set her hair in saloon and bought a dress from East India* =)
Pretty right? =P

Here come the smart guy, baby Yung Han.
He looks so smart in formal clothes. =)

Everyone baby-sitting him. LOL! =P

We are happy family. =) *bro absence due to his A lvl exam*

That day was such an awesome one!
All of us have so much fun, meeting relatives from other countries and states.

And all at a sudden, 
I feel like getting married too! LOL! =P


  1. Aww,I can't wait to see any of my cousins to get married,LOL! XD I saw sweetyee! :P

  2. @steph haha! u want to become sisters also right? =P haha, sweet yee's family was invited too :)

  3. walao why nowadays all like to play hamsap games LOL

  4. love your floral dress! congrats to your cousin!

  5. thanks guys! i love tat dress too! =)

    P.S kyril, haha! its the trend =P

  6. Nice plan! I didn't know Sweet Yee is related to you...

  7. wah you still young and thinking about married meh . . . hehehe :P

  8. @kelly hah! she is my cousin =)

    @kian gai yeah yeah, feel like getting married alrdy, so happy! =)

  9. i also feel like married after read your post! LOL

  10. @nency no la, its my cousin =)