Monday, June 27, 2011

Exam week!

Gahhh! My internal exam starts tomorrow!
I don't know whether can do a not. Its freaking tough to score! =(
I guess I won't be updating my blog till this coming weekend.
Shall study 99, but twitter, I still need you! =P

Today all my classes cancelled.
Study leave for us.
But, I still went to college for group discussion.
I drove there, and I stucked in the jam for an hour wei! bad bad traffic =(

Reached there and had some math revision with Tai Yun and Peggy.
Mr Yap was there to give us extra guidance for math too. 
Still need more practice for my mathematical induction. Superb hard! =(
Ordered pizzas from Pizza Hut for lunch, because Mr Yap was craving for Garlic bread. LOL!
Delivery was quite fast. =)

After lunch, spent most of the time in TLC.
A nice place to study because no one will be there to kacau.
Spent most of the time studying Biology. Me and Tai Yun were drawing lots of mind map & diagrams on the white board. =)

Drove home after that. Fetched my cousin home too. =)
Heavy traffic again. Used another one hour to reach my home sweet home.
Will be driving to college this week. Pray hard, no jam please? =)

Seriously, need more luck.
No, i need lots of luck! =)


  1. all the best in yr exam ya! Dont over stress! ^^

  2. best of luck for ur exams!
    have a break, take a kit kat :D

  3. good luck for exams!!!!!!! hope u ace it!

    xoxo jenna