Friday, June 24, 2011


Love this photo so much! =)

Its the middle of the night,
and I'm still awake! LOL! 
I am really sleepy, but something is bothering me again.
Trying to finish up some of my Bio papers. 3 sets! Gahhh! Just kill me! xD

My internal exam starts on next Tuesday! * I AM SO NERVOUS!*
To be honest, I have no confident to do well in this exam.
This course was a lil hard-to-cope for me. Its not the marks problem, its their Aussie's grading system problem.
Getting an simple A, we have to score 85% and above! *just A-, what about A, A+, definitely higher and higher* >.<
In other words, if we lose more than 5-8 marks, A will fly away! 
Anyhow, I will just try my best to do everything I can. Make sure I have no regrets! =)

I have no idea how many sets of papers I received in this two weeks time. 
More than 8 sets of Math-S papers.
3 sets of Biology paper.
 4 sets of Chemistry paper.
3 sets of Computer practical test.
1 listening test for English.
This is why I don't have time to update my bloggie. *so sorry!* =(
Will update it once I'm free!

Owh well, before that, we had dissection of rats *d.o.r* for Biology practical.
I was excited because finally I can dissect something after so long.
*the last time i dissect is around Form 4 i think. A frog.*
Now, its rat! Gah gah! =D

Some random photos taken during the practical. =)

Some of the apparatus. 

I am well-prepared to dissect! =P

Mr Jefri taking out the rats for each of the group.

The rat was 'sleeping' on its 'bed'.

So sorry to pin you up like this. =(

Finding the part that should be dissected.

Photo taken after hours dissecting the rat.
The process was really hard, and 'geli'.
I can't imagine, really. Luckily Tai Yun was my team mate. She's the one who dissected most of the part.
Mainly, I helped her to take out the part which have to be dissected.
I can't afford to see so much blood there.
It must be so painful right? 

Thats why I know I won't become a doctor in future.
I'm freaking scared of reddish blood.
And according to Tai Yun,
I'm too good to everyone. *any living things in the world*
Bully by other people easily.
Pity someone or something easily. 
This is me. LOL!

*the disgusting part!*

The organs that I took out after dissection.
There's heart, liver, intestines, kidney and other organs too.

Tai Yun checking the rat's brain.
Eww! I can't tahan at this stage. Its so CRUEL! OMG! >.<

My gloves stained with rat's blood.

Hopefully I won't have a nightmare of this, please?

Will be having Biology extra class with Tai Yun tomorrow.
From 10 am to unknown time. *no matter how have to finish everything up by tmr*
So tmr will be having lunch with Mr Jefri and Tai Yun together.
Most probably class will be in either college or outside college. hee! =)

I just in love with Biology. Bio freak! =DD


  1. We dissected frog too during my foundation year, no chance of dissecting a rat. Goshh, really gross ): and you guys cut off the head from the body? :O

  2. haha reading this post reminds me of my pre-U years ago.. what course r u taking now? sound like AUSMAT or CPU.. all the best in the exam.. =)

  3. Disection! I'm always fascinated with it, but never had the chance before. :)

  4. @hilda yeah, we cut it off, to check out the brain. its gross =X

  5. @casley erm, not ausmat or cpu, its UNSW =) thanks! =D

  6. @isaac yeah, its awesome, but still gross! =(

  7. Great experience! Now, I remembered last time, I dissected frog :D *nostalgic*