Friday, June 17, 2011


Its Friday, but not a GOOD Friday for me. =X 

Till now, I still can't believe I fainted in college today.
It was a WEIRD + a little scary experience. I don't know why.

*flash back...*

I was in cafeteria with Tai Yun, after my Biology class.
Then we had our breakfast and some chit-chat together.
All at a sudden, I felt something different.
I felt like, the whole world was spinning that time.
I can see two Tai Yun that time. I even told her. She was shocked to hear that. LOL!
But I try to convince myself, I AM ALRIGHT.
So i try to calm myself down, get some rest there.

But when I tried to get up from my seat, the DISASTER started.
I can't even feel my feet that time. I tried my best to stand up, i kept pushing myself, telling myself to stand up, but just, I can't. I was like, out of energy. 
Finally, I stood up, but I fell to the other side.
Luckily there's some strangers beside me hold me still.
Tai Yun told me not to move anywhere, and she rushed to find my college mates to help me.
By that time, I was really suffering.
I can't think at all. All i know was, everything was spinning!
I can even hear echo!
I felt like, floating, flying. Sigh. 

So practically, they 'dragged' me from cafeteria to lab. 
I was conscious all the time, but I can't speak, and I can't move at all. I can still hear everyone but its vivid.
I took panadols and had some rest there.
I felt better after that! thank god! =)

Sigh, I guess my health giving me a lot of problem eh?
This is just the beginning...

a big thank you to dear Tai Yun, Trishna, Ashton, my friends and strangers who helped me out today!
*appreciate it*
I will take care of myself, no matter what happens in future.
I promised...


  1. Owh gosh! Take care... If something is wrong next time, please ask for people's help or maybe seek for doctors. Don't force yourself!

  2. take care lar! I tried this before too, during national service LOL!

  3. owh that sounds scary.. take good care sweetie.. =)

  4. @kelly alright alright! thanks babe! =)

    @eminey hmm, alright, i will! thanks!

    @casley yeah, its scary >.<