Thursday, June 30, 2011

Embarrassing week!


I'm still having my internal exam, but guess what? I'm still blogging. LOL! =P
Tomorrow will be the end of my Part 1 exam. *internal done, external coming in two weeks time* hectic hectic week. =(
Had Biology & Math-S today. And OMG! Its so tough man! 
As usual, lack of time to finish it again. All I can do is, tembak the rest that I haven't fill in.
So, just wish me a good luck for that. =P
Will be having Chemistry & Computer Practical tomorrow.
Pray really hard for that. =)
Shall get some rest after tomorrow. Hmm.

Drove to college today, as usual.
Was early because not really jam.
So I drove to MCD with Sweet Yee to have a quick bite.
Suddenly craving for HASHBROWN! LOL! =P

Coffee and HashBrown. 

After my exam today, I drove to Tim Ban Kor Kor with Sweet Yee again.
Suddenly craving for DESSERT pulak! =P

My dessert.
Fruits in Tau Fu Fa! *taste so delicious!*  =P

Well, I don't know why I had such unlucky days this week.
Sigh. Really UNLUCKY! >.<

First, during Biology extra class, I mistaken pronounced spores as SPERM!
OMG! Tai Yun and Mr Jefri laughed like mad. I was so embarrassed that time. 

Then, I went for WRONG CLASS for my exam.
I was wondering why got no one in the class, and after a while, I realised I was in the wrong class.
Rushed to the actual class after that. LOL! 

And the most embarrassed one,
I FELL DOWN in front of all my course mates! Gahhh! =(
My goddddd! Why is this happening to me?
That time, I walking with my friends, complaining about how hard was Math-S paper.
Then all at a sudden, I felt a strong pull behind me.
I actually fell backwards, and eventually 'slept' on the floor.
My hand injured a lil, got slightly blue-black now, and I banged my head on the floor. Gosh! =(
Its really PAIN! My tears flow down weii! 
My friends laughed at me, but still helped to 'drag' me to the bench.

I think I really can win the title : BLURR QUEEN!



  1. apa ni what happen to your eye :) stress ar? Have a good rest then!

  2. @kyril lol, didn't mean it la =P

    @kian fai haha, too stress lorrr =DD