Saturday, June 25, 2011

Aroma of coffee bean eh?

Blog right after I reached home from college.
Had more than 6 hours of extra class today!
My eyes are so tired, that its really hard to open my eyes.
*the consequences of sleeping late at 3 am, padan muka!* =X

I drove to college this morning, alone. LOL! Traffic wasn't that heavy that time. Phew. Anyway, I'm getting used to driving alrdy. *sometimes i felt a lil bored too* Especially when its heavy traffic. Hmm.
Reached college safely and I forgot to text my dad.
My dad was so worried. LOL! He even called me. Sorry dad!

Met Tai Yun at college. 
After that, Mr Jefri fetched us to 1 Utama to have our extra class.
LOL! An so-called outing + study. =P
Had 4 hours class at Coffee Bean.
The atmosphere was good actually. *aroma of coffee bean eh?*  =P

Vanilla Latte. *lazy to invert it.* =D
New York Chicken Puff.

After 4 hours class, we changed destination. haha! =D
Went to Penang Flavours for late lunch.
Had another 2 hours class there. 
It was really fun to have such a 'outing' like that. 
Mr Jefri was my favourite lecturer as well as a very good friend of mine.
We can chat a lot of stuffs. Me, Tai Yun and Mr Jefri = Bio Freaks! =)

Shall get some rest now.
*tired* =(