Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Sweet Escape 1 - Singapore

Woots, finally its time to update my blog with my SWEET ESCAPE, to Singapore babe! =D  I'm so excited to blog about this trip but I was really busy with my college stuffs these days. So I shall make this post short and sweet, with lots of pictures! =)

Well, I had my sem break two weeks ago. So my sister and I decided to go Singapore for a trip. At first my parents were kinda worried because only TWO of us are going to S'pore, but after a 'very long talk', finally my parents approved! hee! =)  We went there by First Coach bus in the morning, and reached S'pore around 3 something in the evening. The journey was comfortable, nice seat, and nice movie list to choose from. Watched Devils Wear Prada? *if i'm not mistaken the name of the movie* =P

1st photo once I reached S'pore!

My aunt picked us up around 5pm. Singapore is such a clean and bright city! I can see NO rubbish there! LOL! It seems so peaceful there! =)  Had a very nice dinner at Tung Lok Restaurant with uncle, aunt and cousins. Their food are awesome, especially their chicken soup! Yums! After dinner, we went back to aunt's house for rest. Played X-Box with my cousins too. Some dancing games. Now I know how to dance Poker Face using X-Box! Cool! =D

X-Box corner.

Sitting on the yoga ball! =P

My beloved cousin! =)

The next day, my sister and I went to Universal Studio - my dream theme park whenever I have a chance to travel to overseas. My sister went there before, so basically she became my tour guide. =)  I was so excited that day. The theme park was really pretty, with all sorts of different themes, plus exciting rides, meeting up with cartoon characters and so on. I was quite amazed with their buildings and rides in Universal Studio. Its awesome! =D  The rides, especially the roller coaster *360 degree turning and even go backwards!*, love it so much! Screamed like mad, until sore throat. LOL! =P  The food was really expensive there. It cost us around 20 bucks for one hotdog! =X

Alright, save time and let the pics do the talking. =)

Outfit of that day.

Universal Studio!

Whose eyes are bigger huh? =P

Kung Fu Panda!


Hollywood babe!

Magadascar Park!

At the ride entrance.

All the Magadascar characters! 


The huge roller coaster behind me!

Another spinning ride - Accelerator.

Tired looking!

Love this camera necklace! 3D ! =P

*i am scared! xD*

The pretty castle! =)

Woodpecker and I!

Was wet after playing the wet rides. =X

This black guy is scary! =P

I look so short! >.<

with 3D glasses, watching Shrek!

Sci-Fi City!

Subway world! 

Law firm.

Oscar actress! =P

Strong eh?

Got something eh? 

The street!


Marshmallow I bought from there!

Tired, but still posing =P


Stay tuned for part 2!


  1. Awww,u had lotza fun in S'pore! Wish to go there some day,wanna go shop in Orchard road :P

  2. yeap, orchard road is nice! especially in christmas time ! =)

  3. I'm jealous. Lol! Havent had the chance to drop by there yet. ><

  4. @isaac haha! next time go with your deary la =D