Friday, June 10, 2011

Jar of hearts.

Elllooo! Its Friday world!
I always love Friday, because that's the best day to rest! *don't have to wake up early the next morning* =P

Classes at 8am again.
Had Biology. I really in love in Bio now. LOL!
My lecturer is the BEST laa, he explained everything in DETAILS although sometimes I might be very blurry. But, he's really good. Me and Tai Yun always love to chat with him. =)
Can't wait do experiment next month.
* going to do dissection of rat!*  =P

Had lab practical during Chemistry today.
Experiment today was kinda difficult as lots of different chemicals need to use.
Somemore measurement must be accurate. Used quite some time to do that.
Luckily still managed to finish it in two hours time. Gotta hand in the report on Monday.

Chemicals that we had to use. Some are quite corrosive. *hand itchy if kena those chemicals.*

Trishna tirating the solution. *this process used a LONG long time*

After titration. Love this colour! so pinky + purplish!

Test tubes with different mixture of solutions in it.

Specifically, love this colour! =)

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  1. Erm... Although I was not Chemistry major, but that pink is a lil over. If I were you, my ex-chem teacher slater us adi LOL. My ex-chem teacher was fierce, maybe that's why I don't major chmistry now LOL