Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random moments.

Not, random! =P

Wello! =)  Was really busy these few days, hmm, I would said this two months, because my trial and my EXTERNAL exam are both around the corner! Gahhh! *freaking nervous!* =(  External exam is my major thingy, must really score in that exam. Have to really study hard to score well, since this course is really, hard. *i can say its almost as tough as A-lvl* I have no idea whether I can score a not, but i will try my very best. I will be having 2 external exam in this one year time, and ONLY external exam carries marks. LOL! Hopefully the overseas markers will be good to me. Hee! =P

Reached home around 9pm. Stayed back in college for SUKDU meeting. Seems like lots of events will be going on eh? Have to do some planning with SUKDU members to start organizing those events. College started recently and as usual, my time is packed with lots of homeworks, assignments and presentations. Have some problems with my Math-S. But like what my lecturer, Mr Yap always told me : " STAY POSITIVE! YOU ARE IN LEVEL 5, NOT LEVEL 0 " *he is some sort of counselors =P* So, i must say I LOVE MATH! =D

I have lots of stuffs need to blog, but not now, hmm maybe during weekend or when I got any free time laa. One is the post on my Singapore trip, another one would be the post of Kung Fu Panda 2, but most probably I'll skip this, and another one would be the post on my cousin's wedding! Stay tuned guys! =)

Btw, Kung Fu Panda 2 was a really nice movie! Superb funny! Love Po! =P

you changed huh?

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