Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why why why?

Happy Belated Birthday Eli aka Qi Wen! =)
Finally get to meet you, heee! *happy happy me!*  =P

Such a chubby looking girl there! 

Had dinner at Picadilly with some other bloggers.
*with Jayren, Qi Wen, Jia Yeen, Henry, Qi Tyng, Qi Tyng's bf, Melissa, Kian Fai, Isaac, Adrian, Iris, Tony, Elywn, Sherry*
Henry was the driver of the day.
He fetched me from college and fetched Jia Yeen too. *thanks thanks!*  =)

Group photo. =)

Look at Henry's face expression! *epic!*  =P

Had a 'bad' day that day.
I ordered my food, but my food wasn't in the list. *iish!*
*i remembered i ordered alrdy yeah, but not in the list pulak.* =(
I waited for around one hour, and I drank 2 glasses of drink! *was full cause of water eh?* =P

Anyway, was happy to meet so many bloggers! They are very friendly, and funny too.
I tried some Carlsberg beer too. LOL! They ordered one whole tower of Carlsberg! =P
So everyone drank, and they were quite good in drinking weyy! So pro!
I can't drink. I can only drink two sips. >.<

Nice meeting with bloggers that night. AWESOME!
Hopefully can meet them more in future! =)

Dissection tomorrow!
*i can't wait!*  Heee! =P


  1. Thanks for coming! I'm so happy to see you too, it is like finally! ;) Enjoy dissection, it is fun :)

  2. Nice meeting you that night too Alien~ XD

  3. nice gathering!! i never been to any bloggers gathering yet...huhu *envy*

  4. where is your chicken chop? lol