Sunday, June 19, 2011

Update for the weekend!


Had an simple outing with my babes.
*with Lyn, LingSze, Pearly, Zi Han, Chris & Fabian*
Btw, Ling Sze just got back from NS! She got 4 days holidays. So happy that she can joined us. =)
We had lunch @ I Utama. Sakae Sushi again! *madness eh?*  =P
After that. we went to bowling centre @ 1 Utama. Planned to have bowling outing actually.
Mana tahu got tournament there. So we had to go to e-Curve instead.

I remember, the last time I played bowling was like, in FORM TWO? OMG!
It had been so long. LOL! I don't even know how to use the bowling ball alrdy. LOL!
Chris was the winner of the day. He kept on strike one. All of us can only do spare. >.<

The score board.
SS is Sharon Stone, means me. *Chris did that purposely! iish!*  =P
The score was really bad. haha!

Group photo!

Sisters! =)

My forever besties!
Chat with her a lot that day, about the past, college life and some other stuffs.
Miss her lots!


Went to Federal Hotel early in the morning.
For Kasturi Award Ceremony. *SPM ones*
I drove there too. Luckily no jam.
Had been driving a lot recently. Getting bored sometimes, LOL! =P
So I got a small trophy and some cash from them too. *happy me!* =D

After that, my bro and I went to Sunway Pyramid.
We had lunch there. *Ayam Penyek express.*  Have no idea what it means.
Then we had bubble tea @ Chat Time too.
OMG! their bubble tea are awesome! So delicious! Yums! 
Got so many 'pearls' in it. Hee! Bought one for my sister too.

My bro officially introduced me to his gf, Hui Li. His gf looks sweet and cute.
Both of them are such a lovely couple. We jalan jalan there and did some shopping there too.
I bought a new nail polish from Beauty Credit. *from Korean*
Previously was so addicted to Elianto, The Face Shop, Skin Food and Etude House.
Now I found a new love. The colour looks like tumblr one. Awesome!
I bought a pink ones. Coral Pink. Pink madness recently! =P
Hui Li even bought me a pair of slippers from Padini.
*loveee it so much*  RED & White Stripes! Thank you dear! =)

Extremely tired once i reached home.
I have no idea why I feel tired so easily these days, even if I had enough rest.
I wondered...


  1. SS means Syok Sendiri okays? :P

  2. @kian fai haha! like that also can eh? =P

    @hilda haha, older than me one year old nia =D

    @your humble servant yeah yeah, i will =)