Saturday, July 31, 2010

Follow, your heart.

My sister went to camp today, so she woke me up in early morning, my goodness! and the first thing she asked me, 'what is the time now?' i was like, 'huh', coz i was very blurrr that time, i slept at 4 i guess, and she woke me up at 5? my goosshh! guess that she was too nervous ehh? first camp for her. Have fun sis!

So cooling tonight, guess that i'll have a nice dream? but now dunno why i'm not sleepy yet. so, i'll post up pics in the upcoming post. Cam-whoooring time!

Thank you, for your forgive, understanding, and a little bit of trust? 

Being supportive?

Me, in my uniform look.

Don't you?


MTV World Stage , i would have to go and watch the concert,
if and only if my parents allow me to do so.
Tickets, is not the problem,
the only problem, is my parents' permissions :(
too bad.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Is there a miracle?

My day was suck! I feel like i had been a dong dong fella the whole day. I can't concentrate on my studies, thinking of something, that really really really disturbed my mind, that makes me speechless, heart broken. I skipped almost a period of time after chemistry, hoping to do something, that can make 'something' be alright back, but no, because i have not given a chance, not even a single chance! I'm really, in deep depressed now.

But, right now, everything seems to be fine, but still, i feel something different. I know it well. I hope it won't be awkward in future, i really, do hope.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

What i did this time?

School was bored, jayanthi was absent again, doing nothing basically. Lyn brought hp to school so i 'borrowed' her hp to sms.

I was kinda 'emo' right now. i just got to know 'something' that really, really hurts me. I don't know what happened, and i was kinda disappointed actually, and i don't want to write it out here because i know someone will read this. Seriously, i don't know why this particular thing will happened to me and lyn too. I just hope everything will be fine, maybe at least letting me know whats happening now, and give me a chance to explain?

I know u know. So, please stop pretending.

When I look at you..

The Last Song.

The background music : When I Look At You by Miley Cyrus.

Desperate to watch this movie!
I love Nicholas Sparks books.
I have read The Notebook and The Message in the Bottle,
and i found that his books are really awesome, 
it makes me cry everytime after i read it.

The Notebook *movie* is quite nice too. 
quite long ago alrdy, but still its a very nice movie.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A bee?

School was bored today, nothing to do. First two periods were off, because Puan Vasantha had to stay in the hall for the Form 3's students' injection thingy, so basically, i did my math, still confusing in the last chapter, Planes and Elevation. Guess that my imagination is very poor? Thanks Joe for teaching me math and also logic gates! finally know how to solve those logic gates questions!

Sometimes, i do envy other people, that they have a nice, happy family. just like lingsze, carmen and minhua. And, i really, really, really hope that i can have a happy family too. But everytime, everything will just go opposite, and thats, really hurt me. No one, would ever know about it.

I do, WISH , that i have someone, who truly understand me. And i found two now! One is Eelyn, and another one is *u know who*.

I miss you.

You will be in my heart, forever.

Every moments, we share together,
is even better, than the memories before.

So, APPRECIATE IT, before its too late!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Me. Myself. And I.

School was as usual today. Shahrul and Joe had 'migrated' to our gang. Now, they sit in front of me and lyn, while lingsze and carmen sit in front of them. So, our gang have new members now! xP  Owh yea, Dr Fong's tuition going to change to tuesday starting from next month onwards, from 8 to 11, maybe 11.30 or 12 midnight? who knows? so, maybe not gonna blog every tuesday alrdy, since i am pack with tuitions on tuesday. hmm. I feel sick now, a bit dizzy. Flu, cough and sore throat! iiish!!!!

My PRS uniform, in GREY colour.
it's gonna be my last year to wear this type of uniform.
guess that i'll miss it?

Enjoy, before i graduate!!

Yum Yum!

front view.

back view.

Xin Yan gave this to me, which is from Japan.
the packaging is so cute till i wanna keep it for life. =D
thanks Xin Yan.

btw, me, Xin Yan and Carmen are going to take part in the some sort of papan tanda competition thingy.
*being forced to take part in it*
anyway, just wish us luck peepo!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Love is Chemistry!

definitely, RETARDED!

both of us, are either in covalent bond or trivalent bond,
because that represents STRONG bonding.
*its Chemistry peepo!*


Iiiish Iiiish! banged my toe just now, stupid table! painN. saw the hott teacher again, he wore a grey tie today, looks good anyway =D  a little sleepy right now. guess that its bed time now?

seriously, i need to find a GOOD way to reduce my extremely BIG PANDA EYES!

T.G.I Fridays!
lovee Mac and Cheese & Creamy Mushroom Soup!

this song is 'PERVERT' ?  lol. just joking yea.
its from 3OH!3 feat Kesha - My First Kiss.
its a unique song anyway, and i think i love it.

 I'm with you Eelyn! sorry LingSze, i really like this song =D

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I feel You.

finally get to watch Eclipse today! soooo happy, although the movie not really nice, but still, i love it, because Rob and Taylor were too HOTT! i watched TWO movies in two days, hu la la! *neglected all my studies* :(  had my lunch in T.G.I's Friday, food wasn't that bad, love the mushroom soup. *yummy* =D  my leg was a little tired, since i walked too much today, but i'm really HAPPY now. everything, is just nice, perfect. bought a present for Sue Yee aka Snowfish from Hello Planet. Hope she loves it.

Eclipse the Movie.

can anyone please tell me who to choose? 
OMG, I'm so in love with them! =D

A good time with you.

officially, 10 months.

took this from Kse's facebook.
so cute! *must watch*

Nom Nom Nom Nom! =DD

Saturday, July 24, 2010

10 more minutes..

hmm, watched Predators today! the cinema was superb cold, really regretted that i wore a mini skirt there :(  that movie, i have no comments. its so AWFUL! that the 'alien' ate a lot of people, then got 'alien' ate 'alien', the blood is GREEN in colour. EWWW! 

Predators the Movie.

The main actor. *quite good looking*

and that UGLY 'alien' !  >.<

10 more minutes...
it'll soon to be, 10 MONTHS..
I'm a lil nervous about it, dunno why..

anyway, TOMORROW.
wish me luck.
i hope everything will be fine tomorrow.
Tinker Bell maybe?



feel like eating this right now,
and i wished,
there's more choco chips and ice cream there!
yum yum!
P.S  soon to be TEN months.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Dreams, come true.


old pics of mine.

all at a sudden, i looked back all my pictures, 
and i feel like i wanna post it up  =D
so i decided to post t again. lol.

I can be serious,
and yet I can be crazy.
its, definitely, out of your expectations!
when u know how crazy am I!

Jeans or skirt?

lol, school was bored today. the whole day we just had moral and chemistry i guess. played bingo too! it was fun that i spent my time playing around with my friends, they are so funny! Xing Yan gave me a small packet of biscuit that bought from Japan, the packaging so cute! will post up the picture soon  =D 

btw, I'm offcially retired now, hulala! next week will be the penyerahan fail thingy, then my job is done! after that, there will be a  farewell party for the seniors before the SPM trial exam. looking forward to it! =D

Thursday, July 22, 2010


hulala! done my resume and cover letter! 
used more than 2 hours for that. lol. 

P.S  I'm touched, for what you did to me, although u got me nothing at last, but at least, i found your heart. 

He's so HOTT!

well, my day was a little bored + a little bit of excitement! we had the morning assembly, as usual, but Chung Mae made us laughed a lot. Assembly was quite long, leg was tired after sitting for almost half an hour there. went back to class and had Ms Tang's lesson. and finally, she finished the Pearl! phew. Her teaching method was 'crazy' but she's a very very good teacher although she wanted a cover letter and resume from us tomorrow. haven't touch any yet. lol.

No PJK today, so we just stayed in the class do our own stuff. did some revision for Sejarah. Jayanthi was absent today, so we had two relief teachers, one is Puan Wong and another one is the Hott Hott Mr Christopher *not that Christopher Nge* xP. Puan Wong's tummy was superb big, 8 months alrdy if i'm not mistaken. Its a baby girl! congratz Puan Wong. then the Hott Hott Mr Christopher came to our class for relief. I was so excited till i kept banging the table. He was nice looking *at least better than other male teachers in the school*, somemore superb tall, and he's FIT! nice body figure =D  LingSze, Min Hua and Lyn kept saying that my face was red. *so embarrassing*

I was just thinking, if Mr Christopher teaches us Sejarah or Biology, then maybe I won't failed the both subjects? xP  I'll definitely pay HUNDRED PERCENT attention during his class, for sure, if he teaches our class. lol. too bad he's just a relief teacher :(((

P.S  I'm a little drunk and I need you now!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


from tumblr, again.

Tumblr is way too AWESOME!

the book , P.S  I Love You.
I read this book before,
and i remember that, this is the first book, 
that after i read it,
i cried.
That's the best book ever!
*thumbs up up* =D

not well.

it was raining this morning! was so reluctant to wake up this morning, so nice staying under my blanket with my spongebob. papa fetched me to school today, once in a blue moon =D  once i reached my class, saw everyone was busy copying moral notes and latihan. glad that i managed to finish the notes last night at one something in the morning. i think i used  more than 5 hours just to copy all those notes and latihan, and now my hand so pain, tired. the weather was so nice to sleep instead of studying. lol. class was as usual, and i think that finally i can understand the Earth thingy? okay, maybe just a little. xP

tummy wasn't that well during mr yap's period. slept a while in his class. *feel like wanna vomit* that time. now better alrdy, i guess.

I'm gonna retired soon! *happy*  =DDD

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I heart Mizz Nina! 

She's so hoott, and this song was superb awesome!
been listening to this song for months, and yet i still love it!
*thumbs up up up*  =D

Back to life.

School was as usual, was normal. just that we had a talk from taylor's college  about how to write a resume and also how to face situations like interviews. well, the talk was not that bad, at least i won't feel sleepy. that guy, who was the speaker of the day, was pretty well in communicate with us. had some laughter there =D  i wrote down some important points too, because our dear Miss Tang had appointed the 5A's to do a cover letter for her too, we have to print it out too. another work to be done :(  oops, still haven't finished my moral notes and exercises. better to do now. ciaoz peepo!

Oop Poo! Misschuuu Miscchuuu!

Monday, July 19, 2010

officially, missing you.

I'm feeling much more better today. and i got to know some 'other' stuffs too. well, had photos shooting-session after recess time. all the lembaga's are involving in it. we reached there quite early, and 'supposingly', we can went back to class earlier, but due to some 'inconsiderate' peepo's, and we were kinda late when we were back to class. ms chai was kinda 'boh song', but nevermind, pictures were taken anyway  =D  sigh, where is our new Principal? 7 months alrdy, lol.


I'm staring at the ceiling, laying here dreaming,

Wasting the day away

The world's flying by our window outside

But hey baby that's okay

This feels so right, it can't be wrong so far as I can see

Where you wanna go

Baby, I'll do anything

'Cause if you wanna go

Baby, let's go

If you wanna rock,

I'm ready to roll

And if you wanna slow down,

We can slow down together

If you wanna walk,

Baby, let's walk

Have a little kiss,

Have a little talk.

We don't gotta leave at all

We can stay here forever !

kinda love this song.
it, makes me feel better, a lot...
tomorrow will be a brand new day?
i don't know. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

make it through?



slept at 3 last night. couldn't sleep, cried till i fell asleep. luckily, got HIM. i feel, much more better.
wake up this morning, ate some cheese cake, then still not in the mood, feel like wanna punch someone. lol. I'M FEELING DOWN! what to do? any ideas? to cheer me up?
doing my homework now. i got one whole set of eng to do*include 2 essays*, math & add math work, moral notes & exercises, tuition work and so on. no time for revision at all. sigh. another exam is around the corner again.
and right now, i really wish, i got NS! please, miracles!

P.S  thanks eelyn, for being  there for me when i'm feeling down. and HIM.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pain, as in my heart hurts.

"For once, my life are meaningless."

"Lifeless, meaningless, feeling-less."

How depressed am I right now?
I dunno.


went Haris tuition at 9 in the morning. phew, so sleepy. yet, nervous, because i haven't finished the 500 questions yet! crap crap crap. min hua was nervous too, and both of us like, 'die lor die lor'. lyn wished us best of luck, and my dad too. *like going to a war* lol.
we went to the office first, to wait for the others.
so while waiting, we did the fake computer test at the office there. and i only got 42 correct, which means ngam ngam pass. then the uncle said must get at least 45. i was like, sigh, i also dunno.
reached there at 11 something, took pics there. me, min hua, and joey were so nervous. while the boys like *nothing* lol.

anyway, everyone passed!
 i got 47/50 *totally out of my expectations*
everyone was happy.

i fetched chris and joey back to school while fetched min hua back to her house.
and joey called my dad aunty? OMG! she said, *thank you aunty* and my dad said, *huh?* then she quickly said uncle. lol. so funny la. chris and min hua laughed like mad. lol.

i think my life sucks now.
why would my friends treat me this way? even my best friend?
when i need u guys support, where are u?
i was, fed up.
tired of pretending, to be happy.
its, not me.
and i'm writing this post, with all the tears in my eyes.
i should be happy, i passed my undang.
i shouldn't be crying now.
my family?friends?
i'm so tired, really.
i wouldn't want to write this in my blog,
but i really need to express my feelings here.
i couldn't, cope anymore, anymore...

lucky charm.

Luck with me!
tooo-dooo!  =D

Friday, July 16, 2010


KPP test tomorrow!
will be going with min hua after haris tuition.
going to meet chris, song yuan and joey there.

i don't think i can finish up 500 questions today, crap.
so maybe i'll read the undang book will do?
anyway, was trying to do the questions in the CD,
and i got it failed, for FOUR times!
sigh, only get a pass for TWO times. crap crap crap.

can i make it through?


out of mind, out of sight, out of every single thing...
trying to cope with the tears, in my eyes?
i still remember, the tears were flowing out from my eyes...
and, i can't breathe...

everyone asked me why i cried, ms chai asked me too.
and i said nothing..
i told them..
leave me alone and i'll be fine...
i'll be tough...

to a certain someone,
u're hurting everyone...
please stop doing this, if u ever read my blog...



Doraemon VS SpongeBob  =D
who's gonna win?
of course its SpongeBob!

how am i going to live without SpongeBob?
*crazy me*  xP

Its, a start of something new...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Misschhuuu Misschhuuu!

Hold your breathe,
because Tonight will be the night that i will fall for you,
over again, don't make me change my mind,
Or I won't live to see another day,
I swear its true,
because a girl like you is impossible to find,

You're impossible to find...

inspired from Secondhand Serenade.

The Korean Drama - Cinderella's Stepsister

I love this song very much, so touching. I watched some episodes too, from KBS World in Astro. The story quite interesting, just that the progression a little slow. anyway, kinda addicted to this song, and i think i'm love with the main actor! he was soooo handsome, so good looking!

btw, i still don't understand those Undang'sss! i have no idea what the Undang thingy means, can't get the answer correct  :(   wondering, whether i'll failed?

I miss the way, u looked at me..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ohhh Mieeee Gooossh!

PLKN peepo!


and this time, this pic is with light green NEON effect!

I'm going Undang test this Saturday! wish me luck peepo! =D



and one day,
i'll definitely try to 'colour' my nails!
owh, for your information, i haven't try to 'colour' my nails before  :(
so, now, maybe i'll try? after i graduate? hmm.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feel you.

first time i bought a condom! xP
its in cobalt flavour!

and well, actually, is a sugarfree chewing gum!

i showed this to my sis, and i told her i bought a condom which is in cobalt flavour.
and, she really believed, and asked me where i bought it.
i told her its from 7-11  xP
finally, when she get a chance to look at it,
and she realized that i was making fun of her =D

it LOOKS like Condom,
but it definitely, NOT Condom!  =D

A little drunk?

My life could be Better without YOU!

Monday, July 12, 2010


edited by using painting skills :)


owh well, i think i had only slept for one hour and 20 minutes+ !
woke up in the morning just to watch FIFA world cup, guess that i'm a superb duper football fans?
and, Spain win! finally, the team i support win! thanks to Paul, the Octopus!

thats Paul!
ling sze said its ugly, but for me, it definitely, looks cute!


i bought those four books from Popular bookshop,
in Tesco Village Mall.
obviously, its Biology, Chemistry, Sejarah and Chinese.
wanted to buy physic too, but out of stock.

anyway, nice walking there.
owh yea, before that saw lyn, sonia and shanae there too!

all time favorites!

my fav!
spongie boggie and lil patrick!

well, still staying up now, trying to 'force' my little eyes open  =D
I definitely, want Spain to win!
May the Octopus, Paul do some magic?

Ole, ole, ole, ole, ole....
*football fever*

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Undang books!

Bite Me !

The Twilight Saga : Eclipse

I'm going to watch this, no matter how  >.<
i don't care!

P.S  Edward or Jacob?



from tumblr.

and i wished,
i have a flora printed dress!!! 

Saturday, July 10, 2010


woke up early this morning and went to school to do kerja amal. i got no marks deducted actually, since my parents came on hari terbuka, so i got extra 7 marks more. :)  but then, i alrdy promised pn thillai, and lingsze needs the 3 marks too, since her parents didn't come on that day. so i brought a pail and lingsze brought clothes. rushed to school after that, coz kinda late that time. then we started to clean the sidang redaksi room. hmm, i wiped the windows. sweating :(  after half an hour, i rushed back home again. owh yea, i'm going for Undang today! waka waka! was with emily, min hua, joey, kar yee, merrisa, chris and song yuan, a whole bunch of friends. hmm. the so called lecturer, is a malay. he told us that he was a former soldier. lol. so he kept showing us a gun *actually its a toy gun* and a something called 'parang'? lol. its like those japanese long knife. and he was trying to make us laugh, so that the class won't be lifeless. but all his jokes, were not really 'jokes'. lol. it ended up, me and min hua talking behind. =D

while the course ended up at 4 something. i fetched min hua and chris back. we were chatting while waiting for my papa to fetch me home. and three of us, had a "cute yet funny" conversations :

Me :  (saw a Viva coming) eh, this is my future car! so cute!
Chris & Min Hua :  OMG! its so UGLY! and superb small, can fit in how many ppl ehh? 3 or 4 huh?
Me :  no la!! its was cute. i like it just because it small enough, and CUTE! and, its easier to parking ehh!
Chris & Min Hua :  Eww! Myvi better what?
Me :  Yerr, I don't like the the buttock there lor! not nice one!
Chris :  Eh eh, i alrdy got one car waiting for me lor.
Me & Min Hua :  (envy) so good! what car is that?
Chris :  A Saga.
Me & Min Hua :  So nice larh your parents! haven't get license yet and u get a car alrdy! Somemore, the latest Saga looks quite nice.
Chris : Its not the latest one, its the old one (can be said its the first edition of Saga), and right, when i go through a bump, then the boot will 'jump' up one.
Me & Min Hua :  Wait, the old one? the old Saga?
Chris :  Yea, (he showed us the car), I support Malaysia's product!
Me & Min Hua :  U're so rich weyy, why are u using that car larhx?! ( by that time, both of us were laughing like mad)
Chris :  Stop laughing la! (look embarrassed) I'm truly Malaysian weyy! somemore my Saga imported from Sabah k? Its Sabah, girls!
Me :  Haha, Sabah ar? (itu-kan kampung)?
Chris : (proud) Yeap! Sabah!
Me & Min Hua :  (Non-stop laughing) but it still the OLD Saga right?
Chris : (speechless but still laughing)
Me & Min Hua :  Looks like we got something to blog right? Haha!
Chris :  Weeyy, don't blog la!
Me :  I don't care! (still laughing like mad)


Friday, July 9, 2010

be mine.

a cat, inside a melon!


its Friday.
and i loveee Friday!
school was bored, tiring.
planning for an outing soon.

its outta control.
i can't control anymore...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

waka waka! football fever again! next match : SPAIN vs GERMANY! not sure whether wanna stay up for the match a not. hmm. SPAIN, puh-leess WIN yea!

well, i would proudly present my ONLY AND ONLY one calculator! ta da!

its spongebob! <3 <3 <3 !


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Can't Wait !!!

we will, back together somehow.
the bonding, is always there.

Monday, July 5, 2010

better perhaps?

phew, such a tiring day.
went around the school to help ms chai out.
went around the classes, checking out from students whether they wanna join some talk and also campus tour. mainly engineering, art & design.
i registered for engineering ones.

guess that, no ones like me huh?

Sunday, July 4, 2010


And I'll take you in my arms,

And hold you right where you belong, 

Till the day my life is through,

This I promise you, this I promise you.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

touch my hand.

watched Knight and Day today.
quite interesting, yet funny movie.
a-must WATCH!

Friday, July 2, 2010

have i told u lately, i love you?

Appointment tomorrow!
going to skip haris tuition.

wish me luck ppl.