Saturday, July 10, 2010


woke up early this morning and went to school to do kerja amal. i got no marks deducted actually, since my parents came on hari terbuka, so i got extra 7 marks more. :)  but then, i alrdy promised pn thillai, and lingsze needs the 3 marks too, since her parents didn't come on that day. so i brought a pail and lingsze brought clothes. rushed to school after that, coz kinda late that time. then we started to clean the sidang redaksi room. hmm, i wiped the windows. sweating :(  after half an hour, i rushed back home again. owh yea, i'm going for Undang today! waka waka! was with emily, min hua, joey, kar yee, merrisa, chris and song yuan, a whole bunch of friends. hmm. the so called lecturer, is a malay. he told us that he was a former soldier. lol. so he kept showing us a gun *actually its a toy gun* and a something called 'parang'? lol. its like those japanese long knife. and he was trying to make us laugh, so that the class won't be lifeless. but all his jokes, were not really 'jokes'. lol. it ended up, me and min hua talking behind. =D

while the course ended up at 4 something. i fetched min hua and chris back. we were chatting while waiting for my papa to fetch me home. and three of us, had a "cute yet funny" conversations :

Me :  (saw a Viva coming) eh, this is my future car! so cute!
Chris & Min Hua :  OMG! its so UGLY! and superb small, can fit in how many ppl ehh? 3 or 4 huh?
Me :  no la!! its was cute. i like it just because it small enough, and CUTE! and, its easier to parking ehh!
Chris & Min Hua :  Eww! Myvi better what?
Me :  Yerr, I don't like the the buttock there lor! not nice one!
Chris :  Eh eh, i alrdy got one car waiting for me lor.
Me & Min Hua :  (envy) so good! what car is that?
Chris :  A Saga.
Me & Min Hua :  So nice larh your parents! haven't get license yet and u get a car alrdy! Somemore, the latest Saga looks quite nice.
Chris : Its not the latest one, its the old one (can be said its the first edition of Saga), and right, when i go through a bump, then the boot will 'jump' up one.
Me & Min Hua :  Wait, the old one? the old Saga?
Chris :  Yea, (he showed us the car), I support Malaysia's product!
Me & Min Hua :  U're so rich weyy, why are u using that car larhx?! ( by that time, both of us were laughing like mad)
Chris :  Stop laughing la! (look embarrassed) I'm truly Malaysian weyy! somemore my Saga imported from Sabah k? Its Sabah, girls!
Me :  Haha, Sabah ar? (itu-kan kampung)?
Chris : (proud) Yeap! Sabah!
Me & Min Hua :  (Non-stop laughing) but it still the OLD Saga right?
Chris : (speechless but still laughing)
Me & Min Hua :  Looks like we got something to blog right? Haha!
Chris :  Weeyy, don't blog la!
Me :  I don't care! (still laughing like mad)


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