Saturday, July 17, 2010


went Haris tuition at 9 in the morning. phew, so sleepy. yet, nervous, because i haven't finished the 500 questions yet! crap crap crap. min hua was nervous too, and both of us like, 'die lor die lor'. lyn wished us best of luck, and my dad too. *like going to a war* lol.
we went to the office first, to wait for the others.
so while waiting, we did the fake computer test at the office there. and i only got 42 correct, which means ngam ngam pass. then the uncle said must get at least 45. i was like, sigh, i also dunno.
reached there at 11 something, took pics there. me, min hua, and joey were so nervous. while the boys like *nothing* lol.

anyway, everyone passed!
 i got 47/50 *totally out of my expectations*
everyone was happy.

i fetched chris and joey back to school while fetched min hua back to her house.
and joey called my dad aunty? OMG! she said, *thank you aunty* and my dad said, *huh?* then she quickly said uncle. lol. so funny la. chris and min hua laughed like mad. lol.

i think my life sucks now.
why would my friends treat me this way? even my best friend?
when i need u guys support, where are u?
i was, fed up.
tired of pretending, to be happy.
its, not me.
and i'm writing this post, with all the tears in my eyes.
i should be happy, i passed my undang.
i shouldn't be crying now.
my family?friends?
i'm so tired, really.
i wouldn't want to write this in my blog,
but i really need to express my feelings here.
i couldn't, cope anymore, anymore...

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