Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Me. Myself. And I.

School was as usual today. Shahrul and Joe had 'migrated' to our gang. Now, they sit in front of me and lyn, while lingsze and carmen sit in front of them. So, our gang have new members now! xP  Owh yea, Dr Fong's tuition going to change to tuesday starting from next month onwards, from 8 to 11, maybe 11.30 or 12 midnight? who knows? so, maybe not gonna blog every tuesday alrdy, since i am pack with tuitions on tuesday. hmm. I feel sick now, a bit dizzy. Flu, cough and sore throat! iiish!!!!

My PRS uniform, in GREY colour.
it's gonna be my last year to wear this type of uniform.
guess that i'll miss it?

Enjoy, before i graduate!!

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