Thursday, July 22, 2010

He's so HOTT!

well, my day was a little bored + a little bit of excitement! we had the morning assembly, as usual, but Chung Mae made us laughed a lot. Assembly was quite long, leg was tired after sitting for almost half an hour there. went back to class and had Ms Tang's lesson. and finally, she finished the Pearl! phew. Her teaching method was 'crazy' but she's a very very good teacher although she wanted a cover letter and resume from us tomorrow. haven't touch any yet. lol.

No PJK today, so we just stayed in the class do our own stuff. did some revision for Sejarah. Jayanthi was absent today, so we had two relief teachers, one is Puan Wong and another one is the Hott Hott Mr Christopher *not that Christopher Nge* xP. Puan Wong's tummy was superb big, 8 months alrdy if i'm not mistaken. Its a baby girl! congratz Puan Wong. then the Hott Hott Mr Christopher came to our class for relief. I was so excited till i kept banging the table. He was nice looking *at least better than other male teachers in the school*, somemore superb tall, and he's FIT! nice body figure =D  LingSze, Min Hua and Lyn kept saying that my face was red. *so embarrassing*

I was just thinking, if Mr Christopher teaches us Sejarah or Biology, then maybe I won't failed the both subjects? xP  I'll definitely pay HUNDRED PERCENT attention during his class, for sure, if he teaches our class. lol. too bad he's just a relief teacher :(((

P.S  I'm a little drunk and I need you now!