Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A bee?

School was bored today, nothing to do. First two periods were off, because Puan Vasantha had to stay in the hall for the Form 3's students' injection thingy, so basically, i did my math, still confusing in the last chapter, Planes and Elevation. Guess that my imagination is very poor? Thanks Joe for teaching me math and also logic gates! finally know how to solve those logic gates questions!

Sometimes, i do envy other people, that they have a nice, happy family. just like lingsze, carmen and minhua. And, i really, really, really hope that i can have a happy family too. But everytime, everything will just go opposite, and thats, really hurt me. No one, would ever know about it.

I do, WISH , that i have someone, who truly understand me. And i found two now! One is Eelyn, and another one is *u know who*.

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  1. yeah we need people to listen and understand us =)