Sunday, September 26, 2010

The lion sleeps tonight?

watch this!

Happy One Year Anniversary!

Ha! 25.09.2010!  its Saturday, a special day, one lovely day.

I went to school today! Miracles! Today we had replacement class for hari raya. The only purpose i went to school today, is just FOR MY BIOLOGY! Went to school, did nothing but studying. And only Puan Vasantha is teaching today. So basically, I AM FREE! Brought my handphone to school, secretly, because i know its gonna be very very bored today, without some 'chat-box' in the class. Eelyn was absent, so i was sitting alone, doing Dr Foong's Biology tuition work, 3 set of paper and also Physic. Just finished Biology, but Physic haven't touch any yet. Crap!

5A students were combined with 5B students, because LACK OF STUDENTS! although alrdy combined two classes, but the amount of people still less than 30 students in the class. And finally, the last chapter of Biology - Variation is done! thanks to Puan Vasantha! She even did some revision on Paper 3 too.

Lunch was spaghetti! love love love! =D  Got tuition after that, BM tuition. Two classes were combined together, where Surendran that class combined with us. So, definitely, the class was noisier as usual. Sigh, haven't revise for BM yet. BM is on Monday! gonna rush again :(

Btw, today, is officially, me and HIM together. For ONE YEAR! Excited, happy, touched :) thanks Eelyn, that she did me a big favor today! =D

Btw, my sister did this for me!
Aim for 10 A's in SPM! =D

This is for my sister!
PMR! :)

Friday, September 24, 2010


Skipped school today. Was too tired, lazy to go school. lol. lazy me right? Urgh, whenever i started online, i will feel guilty! duhh! all because of trials. sigh. feel like ending it right now :(

Btw, some nice songs here. Enjoy.

Club Can't Handle Me by Florida
Step Up 3 soundtrack too.

Last Friday Night  T.G.I.F  by Katy Perry.

Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.

Dynamite by Taio Cruz.

Me and You.
One Year.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tonight will be the night that i will fall for you.

Trials started today, and first subject is Chinese. Duhh, first subject alrdy so tough, what about the others? sigh. 9 more subjects to go. Tomorrow is Art, lucky no exam for me tomorrow since I didn't take art for my SPM. Planned to but 10 subjects alrdy a lot, one more will become my burden. Still not sure whether wanna go school tomorrow. Planned to rest at home, but Yan Ting want me to go. Still thinking right now.

Went to see Prof Eugene last night. Erm, everything was fine as long as I got follow up, must eat medicine on time. I really really really wanna get rid of medicine! When is the day? I AM WAITING!!  =(

ME! =D

Because tonight will be the night that i will fall for you.
Over again, don't make me change my mind.

2 more days, ONE YEAR!
but tonight  =D


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Oooh Nooo! Trials is coming, two days time! :(  A little stressed now, so many subjects to study, especially my 3 Science subjects, Biology, Chemistry and Physic. And other minor ones are History and Add Math. So worried right now. Promised myself not to addicted to blogging now. Have to control myself so that I won't online too long now. Will update my blog when I'm free.

Today finally, i went to school! Yesterday 16 absentees! today i think got 8 absentees! I guess our school Principle going to get furious soon! =D  Tomorrow, not sure going to school a not. Got appointent with Dr Eugene, again. Finger-crossed! :)

btw, i cut my hair!
shorter now, layer a lot. :)
i like it :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just one in a million and chances, and you do..

Quickie. Skipped school today =D  a very smart decision of mine. lol. Slept nearly at 4 in the morning, and now wake up at 10 in the morning, and of course still feeling sleepy :(  maybe going to take a nap in the afternoon. 

Btw, trials is around the corner, which starts on Thursday with Chinese subject first. Havent touch any of it yet, so this is SCARY! gonna burn midnight oil again. Urgh! Panda eyes coming out again! :( Most probably not gonna update my bloggie as usual, because i wanna focus on my SPM first, maybe will update my blog every weekend, not everyday. Feel bad that i have to leave my blog temporarily :( will try to update whenever i got free time.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to dear Yen Thin a.k.a Lion King! Stay pretty! =D

Some photos of mine here too =D  the first two with my pyjamas and the last one is photo of my new floral dress! =)

looks so innocent right? lol. 

take two =D

btw, this is my new floral dress from kitschen! =D
looks weird right?

5 more days, its one year! lucky the next day is science subject! haha! i don't care xP

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I am Legend!

Yesterday, we, all the PRS, includes the seniors and juniors, of course not to forget, our beloved teachers, Miss Chai , Puan Liew and Puan Suzainne, had our long-awaited PRS Farewell Party! It means, I AM OFFICIALLY RETIRED! =D  so happy! Had been choosing for my outfit since wednesday, and at first planned to wear dress and i realized that I don't have heels to math my dress. Lol. So last minute dressing time, chosen a simple red ROMP blouse and Google pants.

We went there by train. Everyone gathered at the train station by 11 in the morning. Reached there, bought our tickets. Stopped at Putra Station, and around 5 to 10 minutes walking distance, we reached Legend Hotel. Puan Liew and Miss Chai were alrdy waiting for us at the lobby. The hotel was nice, outlook, appearance all good. *thumbs up* went to the restaurant and wait for the others. A lot of food there, western, asian or even indian food. Spaghetti, Lasagna, Lamb, Shrimp, Seafood, Salad, Mashed Potato, Fried Chee Cheong Fun, Asam Laksa, Pancakes, ABC, Cakes, Fruit Dip, Ice-cream and a lot a lot other delicious food. The food was really very very nice, and its definitely better than last year, which was at Citytel.

I was actually quite full after eating 3 rounds. Wanted to eat more because everything seemed delicious for me =D  Me and Eelyn decided to jalan jalan cari makan, at the lobby, at the same time to relax our tummy :)  and the lobby was huge, got a big piano at the centre of the lobby, everything was nice. Went to the washroom too. Super big. =D lol.

Finally, prize giving ceremony. All the seniors got the present from Miss Chai and Puan Liew. They wished us all the best for SPM. Touched :) Took pictures too. Enjoy =)

We were actually given a section, where all of us were sitting there.

the presents! =D

see how big is the washroom?
this is just the washing hand section.

retards! xP

3 besties! <3

sorry that we pinched your nipples! xP

Me and Eelyn, love.

Me and Emily, love.

My beloved, Miss Chai and me! 

showing off our presents! xP

After the buffet thingy, went Mid-Valley. Bought a present for Xin Yan from The Face Shop. Hopes she likes it :)

Its one 'LEGENDARY' night. U know why =D

Saturday, September 18, 2010

the Legend?

Upcoming Post :

PRS Farewell Party 2010

@ The Legend Hotel!

Look out peeps!  xP

Friday, September 17, 2010

We can be the two birds on the feather, that flock together.

random me!

My Fifa Cup.
Still in football fever =D

Owh well, my hands and body still hurts, maybe suddenly went for some exercises while actually i am THE LAZY BUM that always stay in my room, without doing any exercises. lol. =D

About yesterday, I woke up quite early, had a cup of Milo only, then took all my 'apparatus and materials' *should be my badminton and shuttle cock  xP *, and Ling Sze fetched me, Emily and also Carmen to Starplus. It have been 'YEARS' i guess, I didn't touch my badminton and stuffs, and my skills, is definitely ZERO, my hands and legs cannot move well, like robot alrdy :(

When we reached there, Joel and Teik Man were alrdy there. I was shocked at first, when i first saw the badminton court became so greenish! I remember last time i came was still brownish in colour, now alrdy greenish ehh? all become rubber court. And of course, it is more expensive compared to last time. Normally 16 bucks for 2 hours, and have to pay 32 bucks for 2 hours.

So basically, the guys were better in skills, they can smash and everything. Emily went back earlier as she had an appointment with her dentist. Too bad she can't meet her ESTER!  xP  Then we started to play doubles, and even TRIPLES, so funny :) Carmen is the best among the girls, she got GAYA, just like Wong Mew Choo! haha =D  I paired up with Teik Man, while Ling Sze paired up with Carmen and we played doubles. We lose to Ling Sze and Carmen, 16/21. Yet, we were both happy because we can still get 16 points from them! :)

After badminton, the guys went to Cyber Cafe, and so the girls went to Ling Sze house for Wii. Carmen and I had so much fun playing Wii. She was soooo AWESOME, that she can actually played the watermelon game very well. She can cut all the stuffs so fast! I played 3 times with her, and all the 3 times i lose :(  Even the swordgame and bowling i lose too :(

Btw, Carmen also wrote one of the post in my blog too. Here's the link!

owh, tomorrow! its coming!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Long day.

Not going to post DETAILS today.
was not in mood to blog actually.
so, maybe tomorrow?

the post below, was one of my friend, Carmen Heng that wrote it!
But too bad, her tenses got problem xP
its not she, should be her, silly dai lou =D

let me post some photos of my day,
and the details would be post tomorrow!

ta da!


Hello!!! Today, this blog, "Ruthless" now belongs to me..
I'm Carmen Heng!! hehe...
The snowman is melting beside me.. she's enjoying she half boil egg..
woo.. we went for badminton today..
A lot of people there.. uncountable.. so i don't want to mention it..
Sharon's new name is>> APPLE TAN..
Her sister is Orange.. she came from a family of fruits...
Snowman has funny posture when playing badminton..
she will lift her leg up, swing her arm 360 degree but yet couldn't get the shuttle..
anyway, she improved a lot compare to the last time (happy?)
she play wii with me in ling sze house and I WIN!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Starry Starry Night.

 HOLA peeps! 

Just got back from tuition actually. Foooo, tired, feel like sleeping now, but at the same time, i feel like blogging :) Well, as usual, woke up late again, had my breakfast and also my medicines. getting tired nowadays, everyday, every single day i have to eat medicines. Its like, without medicines i will die. lol. Sometimes, i wonder, when is the day that I no need to eat medicine, where medicines can stay away from me? this is soooo  impossible

Btw, i checked my nuffnang just now. And i realized my visitors came from everywhere, like other countries. Feel excited, happy. Thanks for everyone, who visits my blog everytime, especially hilda, teh, nana, simon, stephen, ronnie, yuhjiun, ulric, dusty, camy, sherry and a lot lot more! Its not the problem of earning money, but making new friends. =D

visitors around the world.
from Russia, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, India, Greece, Indonesia and so on.
thanks for visiting my blog! =D =D

For someone,
Laugh your heart out. Dance in the rain.
Cherish the moment. Ignore the pain.
Love and learn. Forgive and forget.
You only have one life to live.

Monday, September 13, 2010

3 movies in Five Days!

Didn't blog last night. Was too exhausted to online.

Woke up late in the morning, actually planned to have breakfast with relatives but i can't opened my eyes. Went some Teo Chew Restaurant near Bandar Manjalara for lunch. Ate those Teo Chew food but i don't find it delicious. All my uncle aunty said Teo Chew people must know how to eat Teo Chew food. Had those porridge *quite weird because kinda watery*, then got yam with pumpkin. Dunno whats that also. Evening, went to Nadia, in DPC - my cousin house. My family had asam laksa there, but i can't. I AM NOT ALLOW TO EAT ASAM LAKSA! * this is torturing! * After that, went for a swim. *not swim actually, basically its just standing under the water, playing with water, dunno how to swim :( * My cousin sister came over my house and overnight here too! =D slept at 2 something midnight, busy gossiping and 'studying' * a little only xP* 

Woke up late again in the morning. Had Swiss Roll Cake for my breakfast. Watched Video Music Award too! Lady Gaga won most of the awards. Was excited when I saw Justin Bieber's, Usher's and Taylor Swift's performance. Love their songs. Inspired me :)  After lunch,  went to The Curve, again =D planned to watch Cats and Dogs. * childish xP * My cousin brother drove us there. Only me, my sister and my cousin sister went there. We girls, planned to go shopping for clothes first before the movie started. My cousin brother planned to watch some movie called Piranha? lol. After shopping for 2 hours +, finally we got what we want!  =)  I bought a floral dress from Kitschen, sister bought one pants from Soda, and my cousin sister bought a floral top at a shop in Curve * forgot the name* and a pants from Soda too. The dress i bought, i don't know. I felt like a little weird when i wear it. Will take pictures when i wear this dress someday.

Well, the movie was, okay. A little childish, some funny parts. Overall, not too bad. While my cousin brother's movie, Piranha was nice, thrilling, but a lot of scenes alrdy been cut away. and OMG! I watched 3 movies in 5 days! First is Vampires Sucks, then Step Up 3 and finally Cats and Dogs. Trials is around the corner and yet I'm still messing around. Have to gambateh from now. I guess, i have to start to online lesser, and pay more attention on my studies, but i guess its impossible? Can't live without blogging! =D



4.11 ..

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Woke up quite late this morning. Kinda tired, sleepy. Had chocolate donut for my breakfast. Yum Yum! Headed to The Curve after that. I'm so happy because finally I get to watch Step Up 3 with my sister! My brother watched Resident Evil 3D and he said that the movie is AWESOME. We reached there, and went to Cineleisure first, to get our tickets. Gee! So excited :)

Couple seats!
no more normal seats :(  all fully booked.

After get our tickets, we went for lunch. Well, at first wanna had lunch at the Terrace, but at last we had our dinner at Dragon-i. A very nice restaurant with delicious food.  Kinda expensive though.

I wondered why those drinks got a lot of 'herbs' inside?

very nice food. very filling too =)

After lunch, we went separate way. Me and my sister go jalan-jalan cari makan, again. =D  Wanted to buy a handphone pouch, saw one unique ones but didn't get to buy :(  Bought two tops from BumCity too. Was busy shopping till we almost late to the cinema xP  Took some photos too :)


X-man woman! xP

and OMG! I'm gonna said that the movie, Step Up 3 is SOOOOO FREAKING AWESOME! *thumbs thumbs thumbs up* Vampires Sucks is nothing k? Step Up 3 is the best! The dance was so cool, the dancers are good looking especially Luke. Their L.E.D costumes, I'll never forget! I really love that movie, very very much =DDD  I think i can watch a few times. Feel like dancing after watching the movie :)

I'm gonna rate this 100% ! =D
love love love!

its getting closer, closer, and closer.  :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

I miss you, you know?

Well, today i am going to post a quickie using my corby chat. So far, hmm, i used this phone to update my facebook, twitter, tumblr and even nuffnang too, bt blogger, i havent try this before.

My day was dull, even today is hari raya, public holiday. Woke up quite late this morning, had a long chat with HIM last night. Kinda sleepy even i woke up late. Basically, whole day i was just eating, sleeping, watching tv and studying, but just a little. :)

Today, is an exception. I did nt text HIM the whole day. My handphone out of credit. sigh :( so sad. I had a feeling of LIFELESS now. lol. Hope that he will call me tonight. Finger crossed :)

Mobile blogging is convenient but still i prefer using my lappie. Anyway, Happy Raya to everyone! =D

P.S THE DAY is coming! nope, should be the DAYS instead! =D

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Now I know what is SUCKS!

Went to One Utama this morning to watch Vampires Sucks. Heard that so called Vampires Sucks the movie is very funny, but I'm gonna said it loud now, Vampires really really really Sucksss! Waste money, waste time! I got no idea why there are still got people would wanna watch that movie. Unless you don't like the Twilight Saga. But even if you are not a Twilight fans, still, that is a very very bad movie. Bad taste weyy! I'm gonna rate this movie NEGATIVE!

 this is SUCKS!

super lame! that Edward's body will shine 'this' way?!

Is this Jacob?

the wolf pack. Ugly!

What is this?
Edward become Ed-ke-ward?
Bella become Becca?

Edward and the so called 'Volturi'. lol.
they are enemies, but here? 

This movie is crazy! Forks become Sporks? what is that? I don't find that movie is funny, although some part are really funny. cold jokes, what i called.

Reached home at about 4 something. Had a nap since my tummy wasn't that well. Went tuition after that. Skipped dinner, no apetite. 

Hungry? I don't know. =D

6.15  guess that?  =)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A 'date' with Prof Eugene!


Well, had tuition early in the morning. was actually forgotten that this morning got tuition, luckily got reminder in my phone :)  After my tuition, headed home and had my lunch. Its vegetarian today. Mama cooked quite some vegetarian food for us. Waited for my dad for one hour +, then we went to UMSC. Had a 'date' *appointment actually* with Prof Eugene. Reached there at about 2 in the afternoon, registered and wait. I was scared, nervous actually. Was wondering what will happened later. Finger crossed crossed crossed!

Meanwhile, brought my revision book there to study since my trial is around the corner. Well, brought history there to study. I just bought a new book, THE MEMORY BOOSTER! Lets see.

Its a so called 'MEMORY CARDS'
small, in card size.

can be flipped over. 
The front part is Form 4, and the back part is Form 5.
Its very usable as it is convenient to bring it anywhere.

information are good too.
everything in point form. easy to read. friendly user xP

Waited for long for my turn. Waited for an hour i guess. Finally its my turn to see Prof Eugene. Went in nervously with dad and mom. Told Prof what problem i am having right now. Went for a scanning, again. Results was okay. The Prof also don't know what causes my sickness. lol. So all he can do is give me a stronger type medicine. Will have slightly sight effect. :(  Have to 'date' Prof again in two weeks time. I think is before my trial exam. Duhh!

My bill. 

All my medicines! got more now :(

10.17.  guess? xP