Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy One Year Anniversary!

Ha! 25.09.2010!  its Saturday, a special day, one lovely day.

I went to school today! Miracles! Today we had replacement class for hari raya. The only purpose i went to school today, is just FOR MY BIOLOGY! Went to school, did nothing but studying. And only Puan Vasantha is teaching today. So basically, I AM FREE! Brought my handphone to school, secretly, because i know its gonna be very very bored today, without some 'chat-box' in the class. Eelyn was absent, so i was sitting alone, doing Dr Foong's Biology tuition work, 3 set of paper and also Physic. Just finished Biology, but Physic haven't touch any yet. Crap!

5A students were combined with 5B students, because LACK OF STUDENTS! although alrdy combined two classes, but the amount of people still less than 30 students in the class. And finally, the last chapter of Biology - Variation is done! thanks to Puan Vasantha! She even did some revision on Paper 3 too.

Lunch was spaghetti! love love love! =D  Got tuition after that, BM tuition. Two classes were combined together, where Surendran that class combined with us. So, definitely, the class was noisier as usual. Sigh, haven't revise for BM yet. BM is on Monday! gonna rush again :(

Btw, today, is officially, me and HIM together. For ONE YEAR! Excited, happy, touched :) thanks Eelyn, that she did me a big favor today! =D

Btw, my sister did this for me!
Aim for 10 A's in SPM! =D

This is for my sister!
PMR! :)


  1. May your aim come true... Best of Luck :)

  2. good aims, and hopefully bull's eye !!! good luck to both of u !

  3. @ronnie and czchooi thanks for u both wishes :) appreciate it :)*hugs*

  4. CONGRATS ON THE ANNIVERSARY and you know what? It's the same date as my birthday (:

  5. really hilda? Happy Belated Birthday Hilda! sry for the late wishes dear :)