Friday, September 17, 2010

We can be the two birds on the feather, that flock together.

random me!

My Fifa Cup.
Still in football fever =D

Owh well, my hands and body still hurts, maybe suddenly went for some exercises while actually i am THE LAZY BUM that always stay in my room, without doing any exercises. lol. =D

About yesterday, I woke up quite early, had a cup of Milo only, then took all my 'apparatus and materials' *should be my badminton and shuttle cock  xP *, and Ling Sze fetched me, Emily and also Carmen to Starplus. It have been 'YEARS' i guess, I didn't touch my badminton and stuffs, and my skills, is definitely ZERO, my hands and legs cannot move well, like robot alrdy :(

When we reached there, Joel and Teik Man were alrdy there. I was shocked at first, when i first saw the badminton court became so greenish! I remember last time i came was still brownish in colour, now alrdy greenish ehh? all become rubber court. And of course, it is more expensive compared to last time. Normally 16 bucks for 2 hours, and have to pay 32 bucks for 2 hours.

So basically, the guys were better in skills, they can smash and everything. Emily went back earlier as she had an appointment with her dentist. Too bad she can't meet her ESTER!  xP  Then we started to play doubles, and even TRIPLES, so funny :) Carmen is the best among the girls, she got GAYA, just like Wong Mew Choo! haha =D  I paired up with Teik Man, while Ling Sze paired up with Carmen and we played doubles. We lose to Ling Sze and Carmen, 16/21. Yet, we were both happy because we can still get 16 points from them! :)

After badminton, the guys went to Cyber Cafe, and so the girls went to Ling Sze house for Wii. Carmen and I had so much fun playing Wii. She was soooo AWESOME, that she can actually played the watermelon game very well. She can cut all the stuffs so fast! I played 3 times with her, and all the 3 times i lose :(  Even the swordgame and bowling i lose too :(

Btw, Carmen also wrote one of the post in my blog too. Here's the link!

owh, tomorrow! its coming!


  1. wow.... badminton lol =D bet you all had lots a fun

  2. been so long since my last badminton session...

  3. @Jae Wii is superb nice, u should have one :)

    @ steven Yea, of course steven, playing with friends is definitely different from playing with family =D

    @ Daniel @ Ronnie Haha, try it once in a while :) good for ur body.