Saturday, September 11, 2010


Woke up quite late this morning. Kinda tired, sleepy. Had chocolate donut for my breakfast. Yum Yum! Headed to The Curve after that. I'm so happy because finally I get to watch Step Up 3 with my sister! My brother watched Resident Evil 3D and he said that the movie is AWESOME. We reached there, and went to Cineleisure first, to get our tickets. Gee! So excited :)

Couple seats!
no more normal seats :(  all fully booked.

After get our tickets, we went for lunch. Well, at first wanna had lunch at the Terrace, but at last we had our dinner at Dragon-i. A very nice restaurant with delicious food.  Kinda expensive though.

I wondered why those drinks got a lot of 'herbs' inside?

very nice food. very filling too =)

After lunch, we went separate way. Me and my sister go jalan-jalan cari makan, again. =D  Wanted to buy a handphone pouch, saw one unique ones but didn't get to buy :(  Bought two tops from BumCity too. Was busy shopping till we almost late to the cinema xP  Took some photos too :)


X-man woman! xP

and OMG! I'm gonna said that the movie, Step Up 3 is SOOOOO FREAKING AWESOME! *thumbs thumbs thumbs up* Vampires Sucks is nothing k? Step Up 3 is the best! The dance was so cool, the dancers are good looking especially Luke. Their L.E.D costumes, I'll never forget! I really love that movie, very very much =DDD  I think i can watch a few times. Feel like dancing after watching the movie :)

I'm gonna rate this 100% ! =D
love love love!

its getting closer, closer, and closer.  :)


  1. wow, why is everyone loving step up 3 so much? now i'm itching to go to the cinema myself :)

  2. @muchang yeap, because the movie is very very nice! u should watch that :)

  3. i seriously think i should go KL shopping! everyone is telling me that step up 3 is real good. maybe i should watch it now

  4. i feel like dancing too after i watch c: omgg, i feel like watching it again!