Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Toyota Fever!

Well, collected the new car, Toyota Vios yesterday, which was on our Independence Day. Glad that we can still collect the car although it was Independence Day, supposing-ly everyone was having a day-off. So, we went to the Toyota showroom at 11 something in the morning. We reached there and the man called Choy. He brought us to a space? where all the new car placed there. Saw a lot of new cars, Camry, Rush, and mostly Vios , different colours. lol.

And this is the new car!

brand-new Vios!
front view.

side view.

internal view.

Brother was testing the car.

the number plate.

Me posing with the car. :)


After took the new car, we went to a temple in Sentul for blessing. So while waiting for the monk, I met a little girl, called Sewa, i dunno how to spell the name, but it pronounce as Sewa. lol. She was very cute, kept playing with me, all the colours in our mind. =D

see! I'm showing Sewa the colour on my shirt. =D

Smile =)
just like what you always told me to :)