Monday, September 13, 2010

3 movies in Five Days!

Didn't blog last night. Was too exhausted to online.

Woke up late in the morning, actually planned to have breakfast with relatives but i can't opened my eyes. Went some Teo Chew Restaurant near Bandar Manjalara for lunch. Ate those Teo Chew food but i don't find it delicious. All my uncle aunty said Teo Chew people must know how to eat Teo Chew food. Had those porridge *quite weird because kinda watery*, then got yam with pumpkin. Dunno whats that also. Evening, went to Nadia, in DPC - my cousin house. My family had asam laksa there, but i can't. I AM NOT ALLOW TO EAT ASAM LAKSA! * this is torturing! * After that, went for a swim. *not swim actually, basically its just standing under the water, playing with water, dunno how to swim :( * My cousin sister came over my house and overnight here too! =D slept at 2 something midnight, busy gossiping and 'studying' * a little only xP* 

Woke up late again in the morning. Had Swiss Roll Cake for my breakfast. Watched Video Music Award too! Lady Gaga won most of the awards. Was excited when I saw Justin Bieber's, Usher's and Taylor Swift's performance. Love their songs. Inspired me :)  After lunch,  went to The Curve, again =D planned to watch Cats and Dogs. * childish xP * My cousin brother drove us there. Only me, my sister and my cousin sister went there. We girls, planned to go shopping for clothes first before the movie started. My cousin brother planned to watch some movie called Piranha? lol. After shopping for 2 hours +, finally we got what we want!  =)  I bought a floral dress from Kitschen, sister bought one pants from Soda, and my cousin sister bought a floral top at a shop in Curve * forgot the name* and a pants from Soda too. The dress i bought, i don't know. I felt like a little weird when i wear it. Will take pictures when i wear this dress someday.

Well, the movie was, okay. A little childish, some funny parts. Overall, not too bad. While my cousin brother's movie, Piranha was nice, thrilling, but a lot of scenes alrdy been cut away. and OMG! I watched 3 movies in 5 days! First is Vampires Sucks, then Step Up 3 and finally Cats and Dogs. Trials is around the corner and yet I'm still messing around. Have to gambateh from now. I guess, i have to start to online lesser, and pay more attention on my studies, but i guess its impossible? Can't live without blogging! =D



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