Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Oooh Nooo! Trials is coming, two days time! :(  A little stressed now, so many subjects to study, especially my 3 Science subjects, Biology, Chemistry and Physic. And other minor ones are History and Add Math. So worried right now. Promised myself not to addicted to blogging now. Have to control myself so that I won't online too long now. Will update my blog when I'm free.

Today finally, i went to school! Yesterday 16 absentees! today i think got 8 absentees! I guess our school Principle going to get furious soon! =D  Tomorrow, not sure going to school a not. Got appointent with Dr Eugene, again. Finger-crossed! :)

btw, i cut my hair!
shorter now, layer a lot. :)
i like it :)

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