Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A 'date' with Prof Eugene!


Well, had tuition early in the morning. was actually forgotten that this morning got tuition, luckily got reminder in my phone :)  After my tuition, headed home and had my lunch. Its vegetarian today. Mama cooked quite some vegetarian food for us. Waited for my dad for one hour +, then we went to UMSC. Had a 'date' *appointment actually* with Prof Eugene. Reached there at about 2 in the afternoon, registered and wait. I was scared, nervous actually. Was wondering what will happened later. Finger crossed crossed crossed!

Meanwhile, brought my revision book there to study since my trial is around the corner. Well, brought history there to study. I just bought a new book, THE MEMORY BOOSTER! Lets see.

Its a so called 'MEMORY CARDS'
small, in card size.

can be flipped over. 
The front part is Form 4, and the back part is Form 5.
Its very usable as it is convenient to bring it anywhere.

information are good too.
everything in point form. easy to read. friendly user xP

Waited for long for my turn. Waited for an hour i guess. Finally its my turn to see Prof Eugene. Went in nervously with dad and mom. Told Prof what problem i am having right now. Went for a scanning, again. Results was okay. The Prof also don't know what causes my sickness. lol. So all he can do is give me a stronger type medicine. Will have slightly sight effect. :(  Have to 'date' Prof again in two weeks time. I think is before my trial exam. Duhh!

My bill. 

All my medicines! got more now :(

10.17.  guess? xP


  1. thats a lot to memorize :p and during my times, there is no such thing as memory booster. so canggih lah now :p

  2. agree with Hilda on that memory booster stuff....

  3. lol take care... since my boss let... ok lor... haha

  4. @hilda and ronnie haha! i'm lucky enough to have these so called technology!=D

    @steven thanks steven :)

  5. Hopefully you'll get well soon.. eat more fruits and have some exercise..