Saturday, September 4, 2010


Woke up late this morning, iish! my alarm not working. almost late to haris tuition. I guess i accidentally off my hp when i was half asleep, after HE called me. guess that I was in dream huh? I want to dream! have been so long that i wasn't in dream alrdy :(  please let me dream something good tonight? Please no nightmare yea! =)

Sick again. Flu and cough, the 'normal visitor'. iish! Was ah choooing in tuition, even after tuition i was still ah choooing. sigh :(  I wanted to eat medicine, but mana tahu I ate wrong medicine. I thought flu medicine is always yellow in colour, but after i ate it, and i realized i still not feeling any better, and i went to check my medicine again, and i ate wrong medicine! Now, have to eat another medicine again.

Its raining again! I love raining, especially listening to the rain drops. Rain more, rain god! =D

18 is coming! 25 too! <3

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