Thursday, September 9, 2010

Now I know what is SUCKS!

Went to One Utama this morning to watch Vampires Sucks. Heard that so called Vampires Sucks the movie is very funny, but I'm gonna said it loud now, Vampires really really really Sucksss! Waste money, waste time! I got no idea why there are still got people would wanna watch that movie. Unless you don't like the Twilight Saga. But even if you are not a Twilight fans, still, that is a very very bad movie. Bad taste weyy! I'm gonna rate this movie NEGATIVE!

 this is SUCKS!

super lame! that Edward's body will shine 'this' way?!

Is this Jacob?

the wolf pack. Ugly!

What is this?
Edward become Ed-ke-ward?
Bella become Becca?

Edward and the so called 'Volturi'. lol.
they are enemies, but here? 

This movie is crazy! Forks become Sporks? what is that? I don't find that movie is funny, although some part are really funny. cold jokes, what i called.

Reached home at about 4 something. Had a nap since my tummy wasn't that well. Went tuition after that. Skipped dinner, no apetite. 

Hungry? I don't know. =D

6.15  guess that?  =)


  1. @ken don't watch! not nice. at all! =D

  2. Everyone said it sucks, so i din watch it =D

  3. i disagree. it's good lah except for the stupid jokes and the bad ending