Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Eve!

In another 12 hours time,
Its time to say HI to 2011!  =)

Yay! Today is New Year Eve, and seriously, I can't wait to end 2010 now! I am craving to start a new journey in my life! 

While, 2011, is gonna be a new experience for me. As I am free from school regulations, wearing school uniforms, no more a PRS and bla bla bla. I have to start my new college life in KDU College. I have to start making new friends, start to improve my languages. start to study more, more and more so that I won't regret in my life in future, and not to forget, enjoy college life! 

Not to forget, I have to learn how to drive! AND DRIVING REALLY FREAKS ME OUT! =(  The 3rd lesson of my driving lesson, had made me phobia to driving. Seriously, driving is freaking harder than my SPM! *not kidding!*  Maybe I am born to phobia towards driving? I have no idea. I guess, I just lack of confident huh? I really need to get more driving lessons now. 

So, for my new year eve plan, tonight I will going to Desa Park City to countdown with my friends. Too bad Carmen can't join us. Less fun. =(  We will have our dinner in either The Steamboat Ketam Village in DPC or Nelson Tan in Metro Prima. 

Anyway, we will definitely ROCK Desa Park City tonight! Can't wait! =)  

Fireworks tonight!!
2011, Here I Come!  =)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Something about love?

3 GOOD'sss in a row!

Yesterday, I received mails from Nuff Nang, and guess what? I got an invitation from Nuff Nang! Its my 2nd time to receive invitations from Nuff Nang. I won two tickets to the PREMIERE of the movie, Season of The Witch. Heee! =)

Its a lil blurr.
2 tickets to the premiere! =)

Well, at the same time, I received mails from Isabell Soo, who is another famous blogger too. And she told me that I won 2 tickets to the Screenings of the movie, The Death Bell 2 : Bloody Camp. Its a Korean, horror movie. 

Another 2 tickets to the screenings!

Owh yea, I went to KDU college with my cousin, Sweet Yee yesterday. And finally, both of us registered there, and we will start our college in January intake. I will be taking University of New South Wales (UNSW) Foundation of Science, while Sweet Yee will be taking KDU Foundation Studies in Art. My first orientation day is on 10 January 2010. Can't wait! =)

KDU College.
Will be going to Damansara Jaya KDU College.

Monday, December 27, 2010

I assumed, its a BAD, BAD day!

Hello bloggie! Feel like blogging now. LOL. Well today, my aunt brought me and my sister to 1 Utama to shop. My cousin and a friend of us went together too. We went to KDU University College first. We found out more about the courses and fees in details. And, i guess, I will going to study in KDU University College since I got the full scholarship. I just need to pay a small amount of money. And the college is nice. I love the environment there. Will be starting in January Intake. "CAN'T WAIT TO TOUCH MY BOOKS!" LOL!

After the visit to the college, we went to 1 Utama to shop. We reached there by noon. So we took out lunch at Gardens. It was a nice, pretty restaurant. And the food was okay too.

Overview of the Gardens.
Decorations there.
Take 1.

Take 2.
The elegant white piano was there too.

A 'tree' ?
Its a speaker actually. Unique right? =)

I ordered set lunch of the day.
And this is one of the dishes.
Spaghetti Cabonara. 
Its delicious. Yums! 

Hmm, after lunch, we went around the shopping complex and started our 'hunting'. Lol. I wanted to buy a pair of heels or some 'closed-toe shoes'? But the heels or shoes i wanted are not available in my size. So sad. =(  

And my day became worse when my 'old friend' visited me. My tummy hurts again. Sigh. Sometimes, i really hate myself, for having these sickness. It was really, really very pain. I can't describe the pain, but it really hurt me, lots. I barely can walk. And i vomited too. This is so terrible! =(  I felt dizzy at time, and i hardly can see too. I just feel like, 'owh, i am going to faint now!' 

I can even feel my veins and intestines were twisting in my stomach and I really can't bear with the pain. My sister, really helped me a lot. Thanks sis! She waited for me in the washroom for more than half an hour. I decided to rest and sat on a bench in the shopping complex. While the others went to shop again. I told them not to wait for me. Don't want to spoil the fun. My aunt bought me some medicines from pharmacy and I took it. I felt better after a few hours i guess. So, i spent most of the time sitting on the bench. Lol. 

My sister and I bought a black, stylish handbag from Bonita for my mom too. Its her Christmas present. Will give to her when she comes back from work tomorrow. Miss her! My sister bought a skirt from Cotton On and a spaghetti top from Kitschen. While I had nothing for myself. Thanks to my 'cute' little tummy! =(

Badminton date with my gang tomorrow, from 9 am to 11 am. Will go for lunch with them after that. Pray hard that my tummy will be fine tomorrow. Finger-crossed. I really, cannot bear with the pain.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Belongs to me?

Jingle bell, jingle bell,
jingle on the way!

Merry Christmas world!
Christmas always smell good right?  =P

I woke up very early this morning. I guess its about 6 something in the morning. I have to reach my uncle's house in Bandar Utama by 7.30am. So i quickly dressed up and headed to my uncle's house with my bro and sis. I wore a little black dress as my outfit of the day.

outfit of the day!

Had dim sum with my relatives before heading to church. The dim sum was delicious! =)  After breakfast, we headed to First Baptist Church @ Subang Jaya. I am not a Christian, but I'm there to have fun since its Christmas! Had fun singing those worship song. 

After a few hours service, we went to 1 Utama to shop. Cotton On and Forever 21 are having a big sale now. The clothes are quite cheap actually. Bought a new hoodies from Padini for myself. Its my own Christmas present. Lol. My sister and I bought a deodorant from Mark & Spencer for my daddy as a Christmas present too. My daddy loves it very much. Glad that he likes it. =)

Autograph deodorant.
From Mark & Spencer.

Domino pizza for lunch and dinner. Loveee pizza! =)  Btw, I found out this song very nice. It touches my heart whenever I listen to the song. 

If I die young.
by The Band Perry.

I need a words of a love song from you.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Words of a love song.

Hello world! My mood are getting better right now. Guess that the last night chat with innit friends did cheer me up a little. Thanks! =)

Owh yea, my sister got 5A's in her PMR. She cried right after she reached home. I was wondering why she cried. Then she told me that she got 5A's. For me, its actually a quite good results for her. But she was disappointed. She expected for more. But anyway, she feels better right now. Congratz for her good results! =)

Well, today, I had my 2nd driving lesson. Before that, my first driving lesson was really, really bad. My engine kept 'mati' =(  Then I dunno how to use the clutch thingy. I was wondering, why don't they have auto cars, instead of manual cars huh? Manual cars are so troublesome! =(

My 2nd driving lesson was on 12pm today. The weather was kinda sunny, but i am still okay with it. I wanna get my skin tan a little. =)  So, the instructor, Alex came to my house. I drove around my housing area to get some warm up. After that, I drove to Batu Caves and Selayang. Luckily Alex was beside me all the time, if not I guess I will be in a big big mess. And this time, my driving skills improved a lot. It was a safe drive. Although my engine still 'mati' sometimes. xD

I drove to Sri Sinar too, the place where I will have my driving test in January. Alex told me to drive around first. He taught me how to go up the hill, using clutch and brek. It was quite fun though. =)  He told me to remember some important roads because those are 'test roads'. Its a must-drive to those 'test roads'. Hope i can remember well. Will have my 3rd driving lesson soon. Can't wait. =)

Owh, i had my hair rebonding few days ago. Its time to post some photos here.



Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Season Of The Witch Is Here!

Season of  THE  Witch  is here people!

Here we come across the word 'witch' ! What comes to our mind immediately when we talk about witches huh? You guys must be wondering eh? Maybe some of you might be thinking that witches are all evil and crazy, as they love to make those evil potions such as LOVE POTION, FORGETFUL POTION and so on, and also, witches may read and control our mind and dream! Scary right? xD

So, what scares me the most about witches eh?

Witches, they are so powerful, as they are good in PRETENDING. They may just pretend to be good, and treat you well. INSTEAD, they are EVIL inside. They might be back-stabbing behind you, or poison you in an unconscious situation. Just like the story of Snow White. 

The evil witch gave a POISON apple to the naive Snow White.

Look at her evil face!
Scary right?

Witches can change their appearance, anytime and anywhere. And this is very scary. We are just human beings, and we cannot read the witches' mind. But they can. They may change to you dearest husband or boyfriend to cheat you, to harm you. 

From this ugly face.

To this handsome, perfect guy.
So, witches are scary right?

Witches, actually irritates me with their appearance actually. Their appearance was really, really bad. They have green faces, long nose, old, and have a lot of wrinkles

long nose! eww!

Greeny faces!

Old and wrinkles all the face!
That scares me the most!

Last, but not least. Why they have to zoom around using broomsticks? Why they have to wear those black cloaks? Why they have to use magic wands? They 'destroy' the image of Harry Potter!

Witch on broomstick!

Harry Potter on broomstick!
Look so alike right? =(
But Harry Potter is not evil, he is a very nice, handsome and smart guy.





Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Here we go, Cameron Highlands.

Was kinda 'busy' these few days. Busy, in a GOOD way, as in busy with shopping. =)  Yesterday I couldn't blog since I went Ikea and Ikano to shop. And I had my another hair rebonding as my 'self-transformation'. Will post up the photos of me, after rebonding, soon. Well, I went to Curveee to shop today, with my aunt and cousins. Watched Narnia 3 with them. It was a very nice movie, very adventuring and exciting. Love Reepieechie the most. Cute ones! =D Bought a short sleeveless black dress from Kitschen too.

So, its time to blog about the trip to Cameron Highland. I had planned to let all my photos do the talking. TODAY IS JUST NOT MY DAY TO BLOG. sorry bloggers. =(

So, my family and I, with my cousin went to Cameron Highland on Sunday. We stayed in Equatorial Hotel in Brinchang. It was a very nice hotel, lobby was good, classy. Room was big but the only problem was the swimming pool was small. 

Daddy driving there.
The road was so winding.
Had to use GPS since daddy don't know the road well.

The mist was heavy.

Equatorial Hotel.

Outlook of the lobby.

Outside the hotel.

from the view in the balcony.

We visited a lot of the famous spots in Cameron Highlands, such as Chocolate Factory, Strawberry Farm, Tea Plantation, Flower Nursery, waterfall, night market and so on. Had Charcoal Steamboat in Brinchang town too. First time having Charcoal Steamboat. Great experience! =)

The long stick is the charcoal.
unique right?

So now, i will let the photos do the talking. Enjoy 'reading' it! =)

little piggy =)

Octopus and piggy head!


All these can eat! very delicious =)

Love shape chocolate!

Different types of chocolate. 

 This plant is scary!
Eat flies! xD

Brothers and sisters!


P.S  not spider! xD

Purplish all the way ! =)

 Hibiscus opening soon =)

P.S  its not cabbage yea!

Colourful cactus!

Pink roses!

Red daisies!

Yellow daisies!

Photos of me and family. =)

Me and my cousin =)


Daddy and Mommy!

Mommy, sis, cousin and me.

Yum yum! Strawberries is lovee!


The outing was nice, a memorable ones. The weather was very cooling since its rainy season. Love the place there, the weather and the people there. Will visit Cameron Highland again if I get a chance to do so. =)

And again,
its not my day to blog today.