Friday, December 24, 2010

Words of a love song.

Hello world! My mood are getting better right now. Guess that the last night chat with innit friends did cheer me up a little. Thanks! =)

Owh yea, my sister got 5A's in her PMR. She cried right after she reached home. I was wondering why she cried. Then she told me that she got 5A's. For me, its actually a quite good results for her. But she was disappointed. She expected for more. But anyway, she feels better right now. Congratz for her good results! =)

Well, today, I had my 2nd driving lesson. Before that, my first driving lesson was really, really bad. My engine kept 'mati' =(  Then I dunno how to use the clutch thingy. I was wondering, why don't they have auto cars, instead of manual cars huh? Manual cars are so troublesome! =(

My 2nd driving lesson was on 12pm today. The weather was kinda sunny, but i am still okay with it. I wanna get my skin tan a little. =)  So, the instructor, Alex came to my house. I drove around my housing area to get some warm up. After that, I drove to Batu Caves and Selayang. Luckily Alex was beside me all the time, if not I guess I will be in a big big mess. And this time, my driving skills improved a lot. It was a safe drive. Although my engine still 'mati' sometimes. xD

I drove to Sri Sinar too, the place where I will have my driving test in January. Alex told me to drive around first. He taught me how to go up the hill, using clutch and brek. It was quite fun though. =)  He told me to remember some important roads because those are 'test roads'. Its a must-drive to those 'test roads'. Hope i can remember well. Will have my 3rd driving lesson soon. Can't wait. =)

Owh, i had my hair rebonding few days ago. Its time to post some photos here.